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Use art to light the future   for the dream wings — real estate — (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) In October 10th, the "Poly Real Estate Fund and? — dream art classroom" was unveiled in Hebei province Tangxian County white town of Henan primary school. The same day, Poly Real estate company employees and owners of volunteers on behalf of Beijing, Beijing youth development foundation, and the teachers and students of primary school in Henan, together to witness the happy moment. Beijing poly "and fund? Dream art class was the morning of October 10th, from Beijing poly, Beijing Youth Development Foundation volunteers, and Henan primary school teachers and students together, opened the red curtain," Poly Real Estate Fund and dream art classroom? "The show in front of everyone, which marks the 2016 Beijing poly and fund? The establishment of the dream art class, but also indicates that the Henan primary school children finally have their own music classroom. Let the music classroom of primary school children in Henan truly become a "dream art class", and the Beijing poly fund project donated a guitar, piano, pedal piano, hulus, erhu, flute, drums and other art equipment to Henan primary school. At the same time, also brought some music books for children to learn to use daily. Then, the volunteers and the Henan primary school teachers and students together into the music classroom, first class children dream art class here, learning to play clarinet. Volunteers in the National Peking Opera actor Guo teacher also to Henan primary school children show the charm of Beijing opera. Finally, the children of Henan primary school fill in the wish card, will own the dream of the future of the art hanging on the wall of desire, I wish every small and light art dreams can be realized. Step by art light future "and the fund ‘dream art classroom’ charity project for primary and secondary schools in remote areas, the need to set up free art classes, including giving classroom art training materials and other facilities, organize volunteers and art training teachers went to the local art education and donations." Deputy general manager of Beijing Poly Real Estate Company Zhu said, "we hope that through the efforts of all parties, the warmth of the spiritual food to nourish every child, to help children realize the dream." Based on the above considerations, Beijing Poly Art classroom and fund dream charity project staff, the Beijing youth development foundation to help, together with the Hebei province Tangxian County white town of Henan primary school, build a dream art classroom for the students here. It is understood that the Hebei province Tangxian County white town of Henan primary school has 237 students and 11 teachers, who is a part-time teacher of music, there are six grades of full-time complete primary school. There are 8 classrooms in the school, one in the computer room, one in the equipment room and one in the reading room. "Henan primary school, a child is here because of the lack of such art resources, on the other hand, but also because the Henan primary school to continue the long-term stability of the system, can long-term expansion of art education, give children)相关的主题文章: