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Derailment third days after Lin Dan appeared resumed training – Sohu news   today (19) morning, the third day Lin Dan was exposed in the derailment, Lin Dan appeared in the State General Administration of sport training strength in the gym, start recovery work. Lin Dan’s brokerage team wrote in a circle of friends: a detour, work and life has been normal, refueling, Lin Dan!" On the morning of November 17th, an entertainment gossip micro-blog broke Lin Dan during his wife’s pregnancy derailed, and the mysterious woman to go shopping and eating in the hotel room staged a passion scene. In the afternoon, Lin Dan responded by saying, "as a man, I don’t do any more excuses for myself. But my actions hurt my family. I apologize to my family, I’m sorry, but I’m sorry." "I’m sorry," said." Subsequently, Fuzhou Chinese is led to participate in the open China badminton team head coach Li Yongbo said when asked about the matter, he also read the news to know. The Lin Dan derailment, whether it was shot at the time was still exposed now, are in the national team to apply for a vacation period, the national team also did not say more. However, it is reported that after the incident, Lin Dan took the initiative to contact the national team, on their behavior to the team caused by the adverse effects of apology. One day after 18 noon, Xie Xingfang said: "we are one family will support the courage to play, when will the man, thank you friends and fans care, our one family this morning to stand together through storm and stress!", physical forces began to Lin Dan has returned to the national team’s training room training power bureau. But it does not mean that Lin Dan has returned to the national team during the time with the national team in the past, Lin Dan will come back here to practice from time to time. We can see in the photo, Lin Dan training, he still wears signed a ten year contract sponsor brand clothes, his physical trainer to help him practice in leg muscles. And Lin Dan in the national team to the end of January next year, according to the current situation, this is not a sign that Lin Dan will return to the badminton arena on time?相关的主题文章: