Majiate newly discovered or propped up his waist to make up for the vacancy of Luneng future segotep

Majiate newly discovered or propped up his waist to make up for the vacancy of the future Tong Wang has played for Luneng Luneng over 100 source: Taishan evening news Niu Zhiming three consecutive games, Tong Wang debut, is back in this position, he took office after the first time. At the age of 17, he played for luneng. Now, at the age of 23, he is no longer young, since the growth process of ups and downs let him learn a lot in the Majiate under the command of Tong Wang usher in a chance to mature, I hope he can hold, the future can Luneng "backing". For Tong Wang, the initial understanding is 2010, the last second rounds of the league, away against Changsha, won the championship ahead of the Luneng to win 2 to 0. The fifty-ninth minutes into the game, veteran Wang Liang was injured, then Ivan Tong Wang debut arrangement. 17 year old Tong Wang debut Super League sent an assist to help Leon scored. High evaluation of Ivan Tong Wang, said he has a very bright future, while Tong Wang talked about his first show very shy, bluntly this age can play super lucky. Facing the Shenhua League finale, Tong Wang again came off the bench to win the big photo, the green boy was behind the antares. It was Tong Wang’s first year, and at the age of 17 he was able to play in the premier league. In the next 6 years, Tong Wang’s opportunity to play in the Luneng there are more and less, the overall is not stable, but he also became the first representative of the full field of Luneng after 90 of the 100 games. Objectively speaking, the growth of the road is not smooth in the wind Tong Wang, Henk and Anti era, he was made of the main. But in the era of Tong Wang’s debut Kubica, time is not very stable, this is also the first hurdle to his occupation career. From the point of view, Tong Wang entered the league’s occupation play right back, in Henk period, once he and Zheng Zheng partner centerback, and contribution to the first wonderful goal. The goal in Luneng 3 than 1 beat Shen Xin in the game, after all the way down to the Tong Wang midfield ball in the frontcourt, and Ma Senna made a perfect match, the area succeeded calm. This ball shows Tong Wang’s speed and agility, midfielder Tong Wang was born, in fact, has a good offensive strength, only in the occupation league stage, Tong Wang also did not really play to their potential. Tong Wang debut in the early days, it was predicted that he would be the captain of the future Luneng, after all, in the youth team and the national brand, has served as captain Tong Wang. Especially in the youth team, the peak of the 1993 generation, Tong Wang is the leader of the National Games, the more they win, is the pinnacle of this generation. In the national youth and Olympic, Tong Wang is also a captain, he has a domineering, but sometimes some lack of calm. A reporter colleagues said, in the Olympic preliminaries out after Tong Wang into tears, he want to play too good in the race, but no way, everything is so cruel, the 93 generation, is not so smooth. After two years of ups and downs, Tong Wang in the 2016 season is not smooth, affected by injuries, he’s not in the regular time. He took office, Wang Tongqi.相关的主题文章: