Male Yang Misun Yang Shen Mengchen really help out the Golden Eagle Festival Opening foldercure

"Male" Yang Misun Yang Shen Mengchen really help out the Golden Eagle Festival opening thinking innovation, Sina entertainment integration and development, to build a new pattern of media, the twenty-eighth China TV Golden Eagle Award and the eleventh session of the Chinese Golden Eagle TV Art Festival opening ceremony gala will open in Hunan, Changsha curtain on the evening of October 14th at 20:10; the current Golden Eagle Festival Opening Gala by Hunan TV the Zhang Dandan team and powerful hand in hand to create a joint licensing team, in the opening ceremony of the style that combines thick film feelings, will focus on the new long march on TV "created a magnificent poem, but also let the mainstream art show with the current most popular TV variety elements and play. And using the latest shengguangdian creative choreography, the Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony to create the most feelings in history, the most variety aspect as Feast of the world. The large national defense education programs "and Hunan satellite TV will broadcast the real man" in the second quarter of four blood recruits soldier Yang Mi [micro-blog], Sun Yang, Jiang Jinfu, Shen Mengchen [micro-blog] will also help out the Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony, a wonderful story for everyone to share the camp. Salute the Long March — film with down to earth creation to impress the audience from the director group reporter learned that this year’s Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony with the distinctive "red revolution theme of feelings, from the three chapter do not forget the beginning of the heart, which reflects the real life, the innovation of the text can feel the thick film the age of feelings. This year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army long march. The victory of the long march is a miracle in the history of mankind. The spirit of the long march is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation. The long march is always on the road. 80 years ago to start the Long March, and today’s people separated by a long time and space, it is inevitable some alienation. The TV people do, is not to blame, but not to give, but to find ways to find the generations of the audience loved the way, let people know the previous road. Must not because of the old way of film and television, a single technology, so that history can not impress the audience today, especially young viewers. Chinese TV people have the responsibility to take the Chinese story of this era. This year, "ten", "send Red Army marshal Peng Dehuai", "ordinary world", "Wang Dahua’s revolutionary career" and a number of performance China people under the leadership of the party, unremitting self-improvement struggle the main theme of the drama appeared on the TV screen, reminding the audience, this piece of land to the people through when the road, our nation specific manner. "Real man" recruits predater opening ceremony to share stories of Hunan satellite TV and China camp in 2015, people’s Liberation Army Bayi film studio jointly launched the "real man" in the first quarter, the new large theme of national defense education program style, down to earth the variety television technique, moisturizes things in silence, for the audience to send a both educational, military theme programs and exciting, program recording 6-8 bit age span, different character label star, further change the status of front-line troops in different arms of 4 times 5 days and 4 nights of real experience camp,.相关的主题文章: