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In retaliation for the burning of the dormitory by colleagues, the man was sued in Changsha for his original title: in retaliation for the burning of dormitory by his colleagues, the Heilongjiang man was prosecuted in Changsha, red net Changsha. In October 8th, because of being dismissed and dissatisfied with his colleagues, the man Zheng Moumou was set up in the dormitory. In October 8th, Zheng Moumou was Hunan province Changsha Kaifu District People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of arson prosecution to the court. Zheng Moumou, 52 years old, is a Wangkui town of Heilongjiang County, Wangkui province. In November 2015, Zheng Moumou to a services company employee, to work on a construction site Changsha City, and living in a mansion in Kaifu District 51 avenue a dormitory together with colleagues. During the work, Zheng Moumou quarrel with colleagues because of trivial matters. The morning of March 26th this year, the site responsible person to prevent conflicts, according to Zheng Moumou expelled. Zheng Moumou is strongly dissatisfied with it. At 2 p.m. the same day, Zheng Moumou for the vent of the heart, while colleagues work on the machine, a person slipped into the dormitory, lit with a lighter quilt and other things, and then fled the scene hastily. After inventory, the fire caused indoor electrical appliances, quilts, ceilings and other things burned and burned, the loss amounted to 8563 yuan. That night, the public security organs arrested Zheng XX in a hotel in Changsha. (red net correspondent Sheng Junjie) video recommendation: in retaliation for late night fire, four cars ignite small building

男子为报复同事放火烧宿舍 在长沙被起诉原标题:为报复同事放火烧宿舍 黑龙江男子在长沙被起诉红网长沙10月8日讯 因被开除心怀不满,为报复同事,男子郑某某竟然在集体宿舍里放火。10月8日,郑某某被湖南省长沙市开福区人民检察院以涉嫌放火罪,向法院提起公诉。郑某某今年52岁,系黑龙江省望奎县望奎镇人。2015年11月,郑某某以某劳务公司员工的身份,在长沙市某工地上班,并与同事一同居住在开福区五一大道某大厦的集体宿舍内。工作期间,郑某某因琐事多次与同事发生争吵。今年3月26日上午,工地负责人为防止矛盾激化,按章把郑某某开除了。郑某某对此强烈不满。当日下午2时,郑某某为泄心头之气,趁同事们上班之机,一个人悄悄溜进宿舍,用打火机点燃棉被等物,然后匆匆逃离现场。经清点,火灾造成室内电器、棉被、天花板等物被烧毁烧坏,损失达8563元。当晚,公安机关在长沙某宾馆将郑某某抓获。(红网 通讯员 盛俊杰)视频推荐: 为报复深夜放火 烧四车引燃小楼相关的主题文章: