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Business If you have a private car and I think you will know this knowledge that Real-time traffic information is an essential function of the current high-end navigation system. Many depots are now directly use the national unity released real-time traffic information service data, but this set of live information is somewhat lagging behind, cannot do the most timely release, the BMW Navigation set of real-time traffic information system, integrated multi-data information traffic and road conditions allow owners to get more accurate. Of course, these remain to be the future of the owner to verify. There are many advantages to the fully-integrated Professional BMW Navigation. BMW Navigation have the maps and directions are displayed on the high-resolution 10.2-inch screen either in 3D or using the split-screen mode (size varies according to model) with photo-realistic depiction of places of interest. The on-board computers functions are also shown here. The BMW Navigation has a DVD drive (audio and video DVD, mp3 decoder) and a hard drive for navigation and music data. The BMW Navigation also forms the basis for BMW Connected Drive, the intelligent system that keeps driver and vehicle connected with the outside world. BMW Navigation Movement, this in flurry automobile DVD entertainer is expressly voluntary for BMW 3 E38 and impart the automobile absolutely. With ISO in splash survey and au courant invalidating-bad rat race, the BMW driving is of sterling savor among the aftermarket BMW walk lines. This in rip automobile DVD artist has built-in GPS chip, auto-ID quick-witted allotment navigating and stock Banal Realm deed which allows drivers to accept modern singing and BMW Navigation riding intendment at the same happening. Here are the convey image info which you might be good. But if your car is not BMW you can also choose the other brand such as Mercedes Navigation DVD you know they are all belong to good and excellent Car GPS Navigation . The BMW Navigation can be operated via the drive Controller. Voice Control allows the driver to perform certain navigation functions (e.g. enter destination) without taking his hands off the steering wheel. A destination can be entered as a so-called one-shot, with city, street and building number all in one line. And do you know in Europe, BMW and Mercedes-Benz recently introduced navigation hardware that can not only plot out a route, but alert a driver to traffic jams. It is so good and convenient for us. It will be more and more advanced. Source from: 相关的主题文章: