Mazda won the CTCC championship to sweat the glory of the cup

Mazda won the CTCC championship to sweat the glory of the cup in October 30th, in the Chinese Touring Car Championship CTCC seventh station in GuiYang Railway Station Chinese cup 1.6L production group in the finals, Deng Xiaowen withstood the pressure to lead the way, won the championship! Won the first championship trophy in CTCC since Mazda. In the Super Cup group 1.6T game, sun and Chen Chao play a stable, and ultimately to sixth, respectively, the results of the first seven, won the club championship trophy! He Zeyu in the first round of the Chinese Cup final battle, due to the early start was fined through the maintenance area, lost the chance to get points. The second round in the ninth place, and the opponent all the way around the bucket, in the last lap of a small mistake lost the position of the fifth, and finally to the end of the eighth.     and the Super Cup in 2.0L naturally aspirated engine in CTCC Super Cup group 1.6T No. 11 and No. 15 Chen Chao Sun Zheng Mazda6 Atenza Mazda3 Axela, with stable play, in the face of Honda and KIA two big teams, no retreat, to 6, 7 to finish the race, won the club the trophy.     Deng Xiaowen in the China Cup performance can be described as remarkable. In the first round of the finals in eighth he crossed the line end point, not only gains the integral, also let he successfully won the second round of the finals start first. China Cup group competition is very intense in the more than and 20 car, after second rounds of departure, Deng Xiaowen has started to play very well, in the rear driver factory caravan offensive pressure at the same time, ranking the first will done in one vigorous effort to keep the end point, the cup final glory. Success for ruise team gains in the season’s first championship, and this is his first championship this season.     in the post match press conference, Deng Xiaowen said happily: "in fact, I am a smooth start today, has been the first position to the last. Although my mood is in the process of apprehension, but fortunately I keep the position, will be the first trophy for himself, but also gave the team, I am very happy." Sweat is the accumulation of success in your moment of glory life, if you don’t live up to the fall of the sweat, then it will not and should belong to your title. In the end, Deng Xiaowen’s victory for Guizhou in the battle of Guiyang draw a perfect ending. I believe that with today’s breakthrough, resset team will play a full strength in the last battle of the ShangHai Railway Station, harvest more victories.相关的主题文章: