Media said China and the United States are negotiating the extradition of 5 flight officials includi actv

Media said the Sino US are negotiating to extradite 5 flight officials including Yang Xiuzhu original title: Media: Sino US cooperation in anti-corruption officials to flight speed observer network integrated [extradition] in the domestic corruption crackdown situation, some officials have chosen to flee to the United States hope to escape legal sanctions. But their hopes are dashed. According to the "China daily" reported English version in October 26th, although China has not signed the bilateral extradition agreement, but the two countries have in some cases by judicial and diplomatic channels "progress", plan to sign a "sharing of confiscated assets" agreement. Reported that this is not willing to disclose their names of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission officials said that 5 people including the Zhejiang Construction Bureau deputy director, former vice mayor of Wenzhou Yang Xiuzhu and former Bank of Guangdong Kaiping branch president Xu Chaofan China. According to Chinese official information, Yang Xiuzhu alleged corruption 250 million yuan and illegal immigrants. According to the central broadcasting network reported that in July 20th, in the United States immigration prison in Houston, red arrest, the number one suspect Yang Xiuzhu, give up their asylum in the United States, the application, hoping to return to china. It is reported that Yang Xiuzhu had fled to Singapore, Holland and other countries, after being detained in the United States for violation of immigration law. Yang Xiuzhu had said he would not return home. The first greedy Yang Xiuzhu Xu Chaofan was suspected of theft $483 million. In the China Daily, said Xu Chaofan has confirmed that he is willing to return home to plead guilty. However, the report did not mention Ling Wancheng (Ling Jihua’s younger brother). According to the "Online News Herald", previously, China has said, in the Ling Wancheng problem with American dialogue. "We will be partners to the United States to provide relevant evidence, and give them the right to realize and together we take joint investigation" the official said, "we and the American government have agreement, will speed up the flight personnel of repatriation work." The Communist Party of China in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee is currently being held as "strictly" as the theme, but also with Chinese major media published on the anti-corruption theme. CCTV broadcast the eight sets of anti-corruption feature documentary "forever on the road", which aired Monday seventh sets "is for" Skynet pursuit flight officials. Former Secretary of the Fengcheng municipal Party committee of Liaoning, Wang Guoqiang had fled the United States called for the return of the senior officials in the call to surrender, saying that overseas escape life is desperate. In recent years, China launched a vigorous anti-corruption campaign. In July 2014, the Ministry of Public Security launched China codenamed fox 2014 action, some of the suspects at large overseas economic and corrupt officials. In 2015, launched the Skynet action again, and made significant progress. China has pursued and brought back more than 800 former Communist Party officials and business leaders. In September 2015, fled the United States of Zhejiang for 14 years from the crime of corruption and bribery suspects Yang Jinjun (Yang Xiuzhu’s brother) was forced China sent back to the United States for the first time, this is to China repatriation hundreds of public exposure of the "red pass personnel". Yang Jinjun was extradited back to China, according to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security said, because there is no sign of the relevant Shuang Jun相关的主题文章: