Ministry of public security will not be able to identify the identity of the pilot opened the shop i hyuna

The Ministry of public security will pilot the identity card brush face open shop hotel not documents – Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Li Dandan) fraudulent use of identity cards of the incident, in the life and online how to prove that "you are you"? The reporter was informed that the network trusted authentication service platform is the first Research Institute of the Ministry of public security will be more in research and development investment pilot. In the future do not need to carry ID cards, brush face can do business, open shop and live in the hotel. Brush face high accuracy is not affected by the length of the hair and the Ministry of public security documents the first director of the Institute of Technology Division Guo Xiaobo told the Beijing News reporter said, "you are on the Internet how to prove you is an urgent demand. In this regard, the Ministry of public security of the first institute proposed the establishment of a trusted identity authentication system, and the completion of the network trusted authentication service platform development, including identity card online copy system. Guo Xiaobo introduction, the network trusted authentication service platform to establish a multi factor and multi authentication model of the system, including biometrics, identity card online copy and other technical means. At present, the identity card brush face is the preferred biometric approach. It is reported that the "identity card online copy" technology, combined with the password authentication, face, fingerprint and other biometric verification etc., can be realized on the Internet "name + people + empirical" true identity authentication. He said that the brush face than the public security system in high-definition photos, facial recognition accuracy is very high. "Hair length, slightly, no impact on the recognition results. Face recognition technology has exceeded the accuracy of human eye recognition". It is reported that the first phase of the platform construction work has been completed and began to put into use, nearly a dozen companies have access to the application of the platform, covering the wisdom of tourism, e-government and so on. The platform can respond to one second in response to 400 certification requirements, daily to provide more than 10000 identity authentication. Guo Xiaobo said that the core technology of authentication platform has matured, and can be put into use. However, the processing capacity can not meet the growing needs of the whole society, the next step will continue to expand the platform’s service capabilities, improve concurrent access capabilities, access to more applications. The realization of online identity authentication requires two steps according to Guo Xiaobo, the current trusted authentication platform has started a pilot in Xiamen, the Ministry of public security will soon promote the pilot work of other city, this technology will soon be put into use. How to achieve online identity certification, the first director of the Ministry of public security Guo Xiaobo told reporters that, in simple terms, the need to take two steps. The first step, resident ID cards to the trusted sites for "identity card online copy", this requires a process of interview. After the application, residents can download a copy to the terminal device for application. It is reported that the trusted site, including police stations, banks, government centers and other authorized points, the future will gradually expand the scope of authorization. The second step, e-commerce platform, telecommunications platform, financial institutions, network service providers, such as the need to access authentication platform, through the platform will be able to complete the certification of citizenship. In the electronic business platform, for example, only in the product to increase the authentication link.相关的主题文章: