More than two thousand residents of the old diary

More than two thousand residents of the old diary of the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Zhang Lu Zhu Xiaolu Jiang Yan) a collection of paintings, a collection of antique, who lives in Liuhe Dachang Street resident Liang Guiwen has spent 25 years, a collection of 2520 diary. He will be in accordance with the diary characters, themes and styles, time is divided into 179 categories, including "Terracotta Army truth" author Chen Jingyuan, second generation descendant of Liu Yongxiang Liu Changxing, comic performance artist Zhang Yongxi for a time diary. Currently, Liang Guiwen is home to repair the house in Yangzhou, intends to build the old diary museum.   some broken shell, yellow paper, neat pen small, all demonstrate the sense of the diary. Yesterday, Liang Guiwen showed his collection to reporters, I saw a diary full of a warehouse. Open the diary, 50, on 60s of this century which most wrote words of encouragement; the cultural revolution era, the record is of self reflection and learning experience; the 70 and 80s, the lyrics of popular songs and poetry art more, students, teachers, doctors and workers of these old diary the owner of a broad selection and sense of free will.  : "I’m not a professional collector, I’m a diary. Although the diary as a collection is not optimistic, but I think its authenticity is irreplaceable in other literature, in the future or can be used as research materials." Liang Guiwen said, he had the habit of keeping a diary, 1992 to participate in the work, there is a passing old bookstall, was beautifully diary to attract, open after reading is very popular, they often go to South Street and all kinds of second-hand market "Taobao", every city on business trip, he also did not forget to treasure.   Liang Guiwen’s Diary of the earliest collection of 1938, a man named Wu Jian’s diary, recorded his life and work experience in Bengbu, and even the price level also wrote. In addition there are many celebrity diary, comic performance artist Zhang Yongxi wrote many comic, Allegro, Liu Changxing second generation descendant of Liu Yongxiang records, "Terracotta Army", the truth of contemporary scholars on Chen Jingyuan’s diary he left for Terracotta Army research. Life experience, all concentrated in the diary, hoping to find like-minded friends, a book about the collection and appreciation of books." Liang Guiwen said that he is going to Yangzhou in the home of the old house to build a diary Museum, encourage everyone to keep a diary, to help you keep a diary, let the diary museum to become everyone’s private memory bank.   Wu Jian diary page reporter        ;        相关的主题文章: