One recommendation handicap wins – Sohu to kharms home court disadvantage

But recommended: adverse durjaya – home court handicap kharms Sohu SMG football on Thursday 002: Ruichao game time: VS Helsingborg Halmstad 2016-11-18 Friday 01:30 Europe Index: 2.74 3.20 2.44 1.05 0.75 asian handicap: tie event analysis: 2016 Swedish Super League relegation playoff first leg from Halmstad home court against Helsingborg, nearly 6 rounds of competitions of Halmstad 1 wins 2 flat 3 negative results, the team recent league wins more negative. Helsingborg nearly 6 matches, 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative results, the team recent League harvest row, the two historical nearly 6 War 2 wins 1 flat 3 negative Halmstad disadvantage. Handicap analysis: the disc open deuce plate, handicap, the situation facing the basic ratio, the Hal Mustard is not Helsingborg, but Hal Mustard in the two round competition system has not obtained the water level advantage overtures, sub plate potential is harmful to Haermusita De. At present, the compensate, mainstream company negative compensate claim at the stable water level is below 2.50, Libo lower to 2.40, taking into account the Halmstad can take the appropriate filling capacity, Helsingborg double pass flat unbeaten. SMG recommended: 10 Shengping Fu asian handicap recommended: Helsingborg相关的主题文章: