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Part of the county poverty blindly follow the trend: what industry fire on what industry – China’s poverty alleviation work to enter the crucial stage. Mass poverty cannot do without the development of industry, however, some counties banyuetan reporters in Shaanxi interviews found that there was a trend in grassroots poverty alleviation, that is what the industry around the "fire", it launched what industry. This lack of difference blindly, thinking that the planting quantity increases, the product is slow-moving, farmers not only to earn money, but also for industrial development and poverty alleviation more confused. Banyuetan reporters in a poor village in Northern Shaanxi, would encounter such a dilemma: as the main producing areas of the village, red dates, red dates industry development, but in recent years suffered failures or slow-moving red dates. The local government in order to help the poor, still encourage the increase of planting area, resulting in not only did not harvest jujube, farmers have to rot in the ground to worry about the fruit. The coast of the Yellow River mountainous area is one of the five big red dates concentrated areas of the country, is a part of the origin center China red dates. Under the impetus of a new round of poverty alleviation and development, the development of jujube industry has become the main choice of poverty alleviation work in northern shaanxi. Li Village (a pseudonym) is an ordinary village in Northern Shaanxi, the village has just moved into a new house through immigration. But the village Party Secretary Li Fangyuan (a pseudonym) with red dates made anxious. "Our village is not in the best jujube production area, soil and climate conditions are not suitable for dates. The advantages of producing red dates a large, light skin, flesh, but our village out of a small, skin rough, less meat, not what the competitiveness in the market." Li Fangyuan said. But in more than and 10 years, the local key poverty alleviation village, has been planning for multiple red dates planting area, to every family have jujube". In this regard, Li Fangyuan did not understand, he said, around 2011, the county extended red dates, subsidies to 200 yuan per mu, a lot of people in response to more than 600 villagers in the village, but not for the quality of red dates, plus the relatively remote village, not sell but to eat. Last year, the county also asked the villagers to expand the jujube planting area. "To tell the truth, the village people are not enthusiastic, and now more than 1 thousand acres of red dates are rotten to the ground, but also to expand." Li Fangyuan said. Li Zhigao (a pseudonym) home is a poor family in the village, around 2011, called on cadres to grow red dates. "I was planted 3 acres, on the one hand, there is a government subsidy; on the one hand is also that the government guidance, there should still be prospects." But red dates did not bring the expected benefits for Li Zhigao. He said: last year’s dates can not be sold, I simply confiscate the fight. Some of the people in the village to feed the sheep red dates, red dates because there are people who do not sell on price, put the tree planing, replant crops." "Lost", now red dates to engage in what industry, Li Zhigao is at a loss, can not afford too much money, money Shaoyou appropriate industry still don’t know where. Li Fangyuan said that a lot of poverty alleviation projects are government money, farmers planting. What is the project farmers often give money, which will lead to a lot of project, project herd, serious homogenization. More poor households can not afford such toss, once the failure is difficult to stage a comeback "". At the end of October 2015, Shaanxi.相关的主题文章: