Philippine President Obama responded I said Detroit interpret out of context. huangshexiaoshuo

Philippine President Obama responded: look at my words, interpret out of context: the original title: Philippine President Obama has come to check my words according to Xinhua news agency, Philippines president Rodrigo · Walter 9, talking about these days make the raise a Babel of criticism of burst foul language storm, argue that he never cursed US President Barack · Obama, at the "media distortion; his words". This month 5 days, Duthel Te in answer to how to eliminate the Obama of the Philippine domestic "anti drug storm" that media questions suddenly boomed, called Obama "you son of a bitch," he warned the United States not to dominate the anti drug operations ", stressed that Philippines" backseat driver "is no longer a colony". The next day the United States announced the cancellation of Obama and Walter was scheduled to be held in the ASEAN summit meeting. However, before the 7 meeting of the ASEAN Summit held in the evening, Obama met briefly with Duthel Te, the two shook hands and a brief conversation". According to Reuters, the meeting lasted only two minutes. The White House, in a brief statement issued later that two people talk "with greetings". Duthel Te the 9 day visit to Indonesia, during the meeting with local Filipino groups when talking about this storm. He said he had no intention to insult Obama, and has been in the 7 day of the meeting to explain the backward. "I told Obama, President Obama, I’m president Duthel Te," he said. "I never said that." According to Duthel Te, Obama then responded by saying, "my people will talk to you," and they are "good". For this storm, "said Walter media said they interpret out of context", although the burst foul language, but not for Obama. He argued that the word "putangina" should not be used literally in his language, which is a common expression that people use". According to the Agence France-Presse that Walter burst foul language is more in the expression of the state of the United States on the Philippine anti drug operations backseat driver anger. "I am very angry at the threat of human rights," he said." For human rights, Duthel Te in the afternoon of 8 at the East Asia Summit "face" of the United states. He said the United States, ignoring his own history of aggression, but on the issue of human rights in Philippines accuse. In a speech, emotional Duthel Te also took out two massacre photos, the breakdown of the U.S. invasion of Philippines in history. According to Duthel Te, he made the audience in perfect silence for the above statement, he has been waiting for Obama to respond on this issue, but the latter always keep silent". – Duthel Te returned to Philippines’s ASEAN summit will follow an independent foreign policy according to Xinhua news agency, Philippines’s president Duthel Te says 10 days, Philippines will follow the independent foreign policy, any country "shall not engage in any form of intervention". Duthel Te made the remarks after attending the ASEAN Summit back to Philippines. He stressed that the government of Philippines Jian相关的主题文章: