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.puter repair technicians are to .puters, what doctors are to human beings. Just the way doctors are called and their help sought when people are ill, a .puter repair technician is informed and his help sought when something goes wrong with a .puter. We all know from experience that a doctor’s job is not just to prescribe a couple of medicines and solve the problem pro tem, but to treat the patient in a way as to exclude the possibility of the recurrence of the disease. Also, the doctor has to advise the patient on his diet and other day-to-day regimen that will help him maintain his health. The duty of a .puter repair technician is also the same. He has to get the .puter repaired and also advise the user on how he should maintain the .puter in a way as to prevent the recurrence of such problems. One of the .mon problems that beset a .puter is a virus, malware, and spyware problem. When a malware does its destructive dance on a .puter, a .puter repair technician will have to be called in immediately to clean up the mess, and salvage as much possible data, and prevent further infection. While he would attend to this problem immediately, it is also the duty of .puter repair technicians to guide the user on how to reduce the possibility of virus infections in future. On an average more than 1.5 million malicious codes are being released in a year and these are trying hard to get entry into people’s systems. The system prevents the entry of malware with firewall settings integrated with IDS or intrusion detection, and IPS or intrusion prevention, mechanisms. Still, it may not be able to prevent the entry of all harmful programs and when a malware creates problems within the system, a .puter repair technician will have to attend to it. After rectifying the immediate problem, .puter repair technicians can show the users how the firewall system works, and what type of capabilities are integrated with it in that specific .puter. They can train the users on how to check it occasionally, confirm if it is working satisfactorily, or reset when necessary. If the user has a maintenance contract with the repair services, the .puter repair technician should check the system occasionally for viruses, even if there is no overt virus damage. .puter repair technicians should also ensure that that the right type of antivirus software is installed in the .puter that he is servicing. There could be corporate editions and home versions of the same antivirus program, and .puter repair technicians will know which version is necessary to provide security for the .puter in question. Using managed email services will also be helpful for increased security of the system, and for preventing Spam mails and malicious content mails. 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