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Qiuyinong seafood fat enjoy Lalu spring vacation trip – Sohu tourism is an invigorating autumn climate in Qingdao, the best season, with the sea breeze was blowing, Qingdao Lalu feel "zero distance between one metre spa is marine". Qingdao Lalu 2016 hot spring season has lifted the veil, will show the most beautiful spring to Haitian life you know. 1500 meters deep springs, double SPA drainage massage, spa packages to take care of your every need, all kinds of seafood restaurant for the most beautiful autumn, push the whole crab and seafood feast; let the size of a friend more than a delicacy, sharing the beauty of the time. Micro travel from Hanbi warm autumn began to Midsummer farewell, Qingdao in October also ushered in the best season of summer, not crowded, the Ba Da Guan and the small mountain alleys hang golden French parasol. The clear sunshine in the blue sea and red roof, with a layer of golden bright. Qingdao National Day Golden Week travel before and after too many visitors, it is better to take advantage of the autumn day to a peak travel choice. Bring parents and children, the family together with micro travel, hand in hand to spend the autumn in Qingdao, a good place to spend a good day in the mountains. Spring Festival health elegant meal arrangements exclusive "eat" light warm autumn season, of course, will think of the tonic and bathing, Lalu SPA hall to prepare a number of supporting for the hot spring festival, let your body and mind and taste to meet all. Like 1500 meters deep sea spa, double SPA Detox Massage, so that you can relax in the busy work. Family outings, which includes private outdoor deep springs, let the whole family friends not disturbed. Built in the South Beach Hanbi Tangquan side, from 1500 meters deep, the outdoor area of the small pond, while overlooking the sea, can also look at the blue sky, if the moon rises, lit up half of the sea, natural and interesting. The indoor area of the pool, space is still open, you can rely on the soft TA window rests on the nap, enjoy the scenery outside the thin, pure, just so so. With the Spring Festival, Lalu catering department specially designed spa packages (all six dishes), whether it is Langya chicken soup cup, Itani Mi, asparagus Lily A packages, or wild mushrooms, shrimp boil teriyaki apricot mushroom soup bag, sesame oil and kidney B packages, all seafood ingredients and fishing port of Qingdao the local characteristics of direct delivery, through the master chef cooking into Tonifying Qi dishes, let you give attention to health and health. Crab seafood is delicious crab feast not to be missed at the Qingdao Fishing Festival the lifting of the ban, a large number of wild seafood market, at this time you come to Qingdao, the crab is fat. To make the experience of Qingdao autumn abundance, Lalu "eleven cafeteria kitchen" and "water ripple" must go back in a restaurant! There are fresh crabs and abalone, all kinds of sashimi and local seafood in Qingdao, a crab weight! "Crab feast", of course, can not miss. "Autumn ring, crab legs itch; chrysanthemum, crab smell", autumn on the occasion, it is full of yellow crab oil; not only is the Yangcheng Lake crabs, crab Qingdao is the best fishing season. Eleven kitchen chefs are already booked on shore crab, head.相关的主题文章: