Shandong Leling teacher slapped 63 students was expelled from the headmaster was suspended (Figure) popkart

Shandong Leling teacher slapped 63 students was expelled from the headmaster was suspended (Figure) – Beijing on corporal punishment of substitute teachers in Primary School of the event into the decision of the CPC Leling Municipal Bureau of Education Committee of Qilu news network September 12th September 11th, the CPC Leling Municipal Committee of Education Bureau issued "on the treatment decision" corporal punishment of students of substitute teachers in primary school into the event give, substitute teacher Wang Xiaoyue expelled, handed over to relevant departments; to advance to inform the city’s primary school, the person in charge of the Liu Jun notice given suspended inspection punishment. News review: 63 Leling primary school class was slapped in the face of beating the moral lesson teacher students are playing class teachers involved in beating the new semester moral teacher school less than a week, Leling primary school into the sixth grade class, some parents have found a child’s body appeared different strange. Some parents accidentally noticed the child half face swollen, kept asking, the child was admitted to be corporal punishment. The child was injured in the sensation among parents, more and more children admitted that the school was hit by the teacher. The parents of the students told reporters, "the naughty boy is learning, beating is normal, we definitely don’t huduzi, but she suddenly hit 63, and their parents," less hit 5 slap, more than more than and 20 teachers slap, tired let students play, play sound is not for no, sore." There are only more than and 70 children in the class, and there are only 63 of them. This is not a question of individual students. The irony is that the teacher or the teacher. The children said, this is a test by, "it is Dictation on the examination paper, later changed to dictation textbooks, so most of the children are not." The reporter saw was beaten up on the same day, boy, he told reporters that he was hit 27, "because it did not finish the job was beaten. The teacher let the paper copy 10 times, too much, did not finish." According to the students and parents expressed, the beatings teacher is the new semester has just been transferred to the sixth grade, before teaching the fifth grade, there is also the phenomenon of corporal punishment. The reason is because things have not brought to light, but the school leaders and parents for teachers had to think well: "let go, walk fall, hit the stone." In the reporter’s testimony, the school called the parents of the students were held a temporary parents meeting. Many parents this is the first time to see the beating of the teacher Wang, accompanied her to apologize to the parents, as well as Wang’s grandfather. Mr. Wang is only 20 years old, the university has not graduated, so she is not formally in the teacher, can only be considered internship. Wang teacher read an apology in public, and soon interrupted by grandpa, the old man said, do not look for reasons, the wrong is wrong." The second day of the incident, the school through the parents to understand the situation, and promptly report to the local education bureau. The Education Bureau instructed the school, for the first time when things teachers to terminate the employment relationship of punishment, and sent the teacher to hit the student psychological counseling. In addition, President Liu also announced a decision to punish himself: "after this thing, I immediately resign to the bureau Party committee, light punishment is not the teacher.相关的主题文章: