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Shanghai financial practitioners under the age of 40, more than 70% training reserve personnel selection of Shanghai financial practitioners under the age of 40, more than 70% relevant data shows, at present Shanghai financial employees with young age under the age of 40 employees accounted for 75.6%, compared with the actual demand, financial personnel have a certain gap, need to cultivate a group of outstanding young talent reserve. Therefore, from the beginning of last year, the cultivation of financial platform in Shanghai born theme — this is a vertical financial professionals. Reporters learned that the latest, recently 2016 Finals held financial eagles cultivation. Reporters from the sponsor of Shanghai financial development services center, sponsored by progressive education group learned that the outstanding student financial theme activities in the cultivation of eagles from colleges and universities at home and abroad interested in the financial industry at the same time, the platform is a collection of government enterprises and universities and social groups, cross-border cooperation, talent culture. 2016 financial Eagles cultivate theme activities started since June this year, the impact of the number of more than 200 thousand people, 14242 people enrolled, 7862 people participated in the preliminary round, 200 people entered the semi-finals, 30 finals, 10 eventually won the "top ten outstanding financial eagles". Compared with last year, increased enrollment and the number of 7216 people and 4111 people will. It is learnt that the winners will be recommended to financial enterprises for priority recruitment or internship opportunities, and give scholarships to support. According to the progressive education group responsible person, in the selection of reserve mechanism, the activities of the layers of selection through the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals. In addition, explore the establishment of cohesion training system and the enterprise needs the youth financial talents cultivation of practical talents in Colleges and universities, narrowing the gap between the needs of the people and enterprise talents in Colleges and universities, embodies the practical. From the most direct employment, the financial activities of cultivating students and eagles built enterprise recruitment docking platform, provides a new way for the students’ employment recruitment. "To participate in this activity, we have the opportunity to close with executives and HR interactive exchanges, mutual understanding between each other, choose each other." Have students told reporters that some enterprises directly take resume, some companies take the initiative to contact the outstanding candidates, some enterprises held for financial Eagles contestants special recruitment, candidates for internship or employment opportunities. Hot news: the Wuzhong Road line now began to levy plans to start in 2017, the Shanghai Pingliang west block of the old final complete lasted 11 years, involving 17 thousand households in Baoshan third parks built next year greening area of over 260 thousand square meters of 17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in Pudong bus suddenly out of control into the opposite lane to 3 dead 1 injured (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai today rain a minimum of 14 degrees to 11 degrees temperature on Wednesday

沪金融从业者40岁以下逾七成 培育遴选储备人才   沪金融从业者40岁以下逾七成   相关数据显示,目前上海金融从业人员整体年龄较轻,40岁以下从业人员约占75.6%,跟实际需求相比,金融人才有一定缺口,需要培养储备一批优秀的青年人才。为此,从去年开始,金融雏鹰培育主题活动―――这一垂直化的金融专业人才培养平台在上海孕育而生。记者最新获悉,近日2016金融雏鹰培育决赛举行。   记者从主办单位上海市金融发展服务中心等、承办单位协进教育集团了解到,金融雏鹰培育主题活动参加的对象来自海内外高校有志于从事金融行业的优秀学生,同时这一平台集合政府、企业、高校及社会团体等,进行跨界、协作的人才培养。2016金融雏鹰培育主题活动自今年6月份启动,影响人数超过20万人,14242人注册报名,7862人参加初赛,200人进入复赛,30人进入决赛,最终10人获得“十大年度杰出金融雏鹰”。与去年相比,报名和初赛人数分别增加7216人和4111人。据悉,获胜者将被推荐金融企业优先招聘或提供实习机会,并给予奖学金支持。   据协进教育集团相关负责人介绍,在遴选储备机制上,该活动通过初赛、复赛与决赛进行层层遴选。此外,探索建立衔接高校人才培养与企业用人需求的青年金融人才培养体系,缩小高校人才培养与企业实际用人需求之间的差距,体现实用性。而从最直接的就业来看,金融雏鹰培育活动搭建了学生与企业求职招聘对接平台,为学生就业开辟了一条新的招聘途径。“参加这一活动,我们有机会近距离与企业高管和HR互动交流,彼此之间更加了解相互选择。”有参与学生告诉记者,有的企业直接带走简历,有的企业主动联系优秀考生,有的企业针对金融雏鹰参赛者举办专场招聘会,给考生实习或就业的机会。   热点新闻:   吴中路复线即日开始征名 计划于2017年开工   上海平凉西块旧改终完成 历时11年涉1.7万户   宝山第三大公园明年建成 绿化面积超26万平方米    17名上海驴友在浙西深山失联 包括4名德籍留学生   浦东大巴突然失控冲入对向车道 致3死1伤(图)   天气预报:   上海今日有小雨最低14度 周三气温降至11度相关的主题文章: