South Korean prosecutors arrested Cui Shunshi need 48 hours for the detention order

South Korean prosecutors arrested Cui Shunshi for detention order Xinhua news agency in Seoul on 31 October, 48 hours (reporter Yao Qilin) South Korean prosecutors announced the evening of October 31st, has been the implementation of emergency arrest of South Korean President Park Geun hye "cronies intervention" event key person Cui Shunshi. Yonhap quoted South Korean prosecutors sources, Cui Shunshi on various charges were denied. Prosecutors worried about the possibility of the existence of evidence was destroyed, and in view of the fact that Cui Shunshi had fled abroad, there is no clear residence in South Korea, there may be escape, so make an emergency arrest decision. In South Korea, emergency arrest refers to the judicial system of the arrest of the suspect and the application of the detention order in the case of too late to apply for a court order. After the implementation of an emergency arrest, prosecutors need to apply to the court within 48 hours of detention order. Cui Shunshi that afternoon to the central Seoul local procuratorate received a subpoena investigation. She was asked before the media said, "they committed the unforgivable crime". According to South Korean media reports, the office of the president Cui Shunshi suspected of leaking confidential documents, corruption and misappropriation of funds, the use of public power and many other violations. The media also found Cui Shunshi’s daughter’s college entrance process has special suspicion of fraud. In addition, Cui Shunshi involved in the management of the foundation and its close relationship with the staff has recently accepted the prosecution investigation. It is speculated that with the increasing number of investigators, there may be new insider was opened. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: