Staring contest play into expression package Draw large eyes and let you have a counter attack!-htc802w

Staring contest play into expression package? Draw large eyes and let you have a counter attack! Heard of the recent popular stare? Originally you are not to blink in the game of skill, said large eyes really can make people a lot of spirit. But in order to avoid a expression bag, obediently Xiaobian lifting eye makeup skills! At the lamp lamp lights at the lamp at which micro-blog strong skill at recent blowing a stare wave, a game that you can keep the eyes open, do not blink long. All the fans also found love beans are staring funny photos to play, you are so naughty they know, strength to sing Valen Hsu is staring to play. Your eyes are big enough to sell myself ~ so adorable is to enter the two dimension ah ~ of course "handsome ray" of this type of deviation, with beautiful eyes do mastodon greasy camouflage is in order to sleep in class under the teacher’s nose? Each girl wants to have a pair of bright eyes, but to stare, P map software still not reliable what. It is better to Barbara and sister get can enlarge the eyes eye makeup skills, the charm of charge to full value! Eyelid girl looks so adorable eyes makeup Step1: naked pink eye shadow in the eye socket at the base, with the best Pearl effect. Step2: and then dipped into the golden brown eye shadow, evenly in the fold of the upper eyelid. Step3: the lower eyelid part also swept some golden brown eye shadow, a good, eye end extend. Step4: then, the eyes and gently sweep on the silkworm area high bright light. Step5: first the eyelash curler Alice, and then use eyeliner dark brown, with the roots of eyelashes eyeliner, extending to the end of eye from the corner. The end of the eye position is slightly elongated. Step6: the last step, mascara, make the eyes more and more of God’s eyelid makeup is finished!. Single fold, double spring has come from! Eye makeup has been double, single eyelids girl heart headache, after all, Eyeliner painted beautifully again the eyes disappeared. Bold eyeliner in daily too exaggerated, as in the eyelash part a bit, with natural long false eyelashes to enlarge the eyes, absolutely thin than a line of strong! Step1: the false eyelashes on the eye to compare the length, the excess part from the tail cut short, eye head part retained. Note that two pieces of false eyelashes must be symmetrical! Step2: after eyelashes Terrier massage, adjusted for the eye shape bend, let eyelash softer and more natural.