Taking Charge Of Your Fertility 10th Anniversary Edition, A Review-ca1871

Health Deemed as the definitive guide to natural birth control and reproductive health, the 10th anniversary edition of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, details in a very coherent manner the steps on how to adapt the fertility awareness method (FAM). For a minimal investment of $24.99, this 512-page paperback written by Toni Weschler is packed with recent information on new fertility technologies, resources and book updates, and natural approaches to conception. Scanning through the Table of Contents alone will overwhelm you with information. This book is perfectly designed for women who are not that happy or contented with their present birth control method. By reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, you will see that the extensive coverage of the book does not limit itself to the struggle against fertility per se, but rather it is deemed as an ultimate guide for all women as it unveils remarkable insights about a woman’s body and gynecological health. . It highlights easy-to-understand details about the menstrual cycle, hormones and hormonal changes in the body, menopause, as well as the long-term and short-term side effects of other fertility treatments. The book also includes a first-rate resource page. This book practically has the answers to every question a woman might ask about her fertility issues and the author also explains in this book the FAM that can help every woman in maximizing their chances of getting pregnant. The fertility awareness method can also help identify the underlying problems behind a woman’s difficulty in conceiving. Aside from avoiding chemicals or other devices that they say could help a woman to conceive, FAM can also help a couple choose their preferred gender of their baby. Toni Weschler, the author of the book, has been advocating fertility awareness for more than two decades already but has only gained more attention from the public lately through the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book. One of the necessary lessons mentioned in the book is that ovulation is determined through simple fertility signs such as changes in cervical mucus, cervical position, or by simply monitoring the peaks in body temperature. FAM, as mentioned in the book, is therefore not only necessary for couples who are trying to get pregnant, but it can also be an effective birth control method without taking any chemical contraceptives. Aside from the much-needed lessons on fertility, the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility also includes vivid and colorful graphics, charts, and other examples needed for a couple to finally have that much anticipated addition to the family. Now, increase your chances of conception by getting a copy of this book, it is filled to the brim with information and you just might find all the answers to your own questions on fertility issues in it. 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