Tens of thousands of daughter-in-law Guo Jingjing Cathy Chui with a box into the giants like the sea truffe

Tens of thousands of daughter-in-law Guo Jingjing Cathy Chui with a box into the giants like the sea? Sohu because the mainland elite Olympic delegation to Hong Kong Exchanges, the Hongkong giants Cathy Chui and Guo Jingjing with daughter-in-law box ~ two wealthy wife with box are easy-going, Guo Jingjing temperament elegant, sexy glamorous Cathy Chui. The 28 day the delegation dinner in Hongkong by Cathy Chui’s husband Martin hospitality. Cathy Chui, Guo Jingjing, Wu Minxia photo, Cathy Chui a shoulder dress sexy beauty, Guo Jingjing rose red lace openwork evening dress elegant, two "wealthy wife" in the same frame, the distinctive temperament, do not lose each other. Which style do you prefer? It is often said that a deep into the giants like the sea, but these two wealthy wives are happy with their own, living in a different style of the rich and the rich life of the two. [review of the wedding, Guo Jingjing spent all, only enough to buy Cathy Chui wedding wear jewelry] Guo Jingjing in 2004 at the Athens Olympic Games a jump in fame, 2004 Olympic champion in Hong Kong met Kenneth Fok, then Kenneth Fok chase is 8 years, two people in 2012. But the crystal just married Cathy Chui in 2006 and the wedding cost compared to is 1/7, Hong Kong media said Guo Jingjing the whole wedding costs are only enough to buy Cathy Chui wearing wedding jewelry. Guo Jingjing wedding cost about HK $17 million 500 thousand, and the "seven hundred million bride" and Cathy Chui Martin wedding, the body line of the first value up to 20 million, the necklace earrings and other jewelry to HK $14 million. After the woman married into a wealthy thing, the feeling is that the birth of a child… Hongkong wealthy family may still be a little traditional, marry the wife of the most exquisite or children. Cathy Chui’s December 15, 2006 wedding in Australia Sydney Royal Botanic Garden, on 17 July 2007, the first daughter Leanna (Chinese name Li Tong?), she was the first daughter of President Li Zhaoji henderson. The next few years in Cathy Chui’s baby… Again in May 16, 2009 gave birth to a daughter; on 21 June 2011, the first son (by her husband Lee Ka Shing to buy 110 million of a Sunseeker Predator115 type yacht, as the first toy, and sent his son as a son named after the English, realized "patriarchal" the consciousness in the wealthy is not weakening); October 6, 2015 Cathy Chui regeneration a son. Cathy Chui had said that he had to give birth to 7, think of the wealthy mother is hard. After November 2012, Guo Jingjing married into the house in August 27, 2013, Kenneth Fok gave birth to a baby boy, named Huo Zhongxi. However, no child plan two people temporarily, Guo Jingjing said that if the second child, want to give birth to a daughter. [daily life, a thrifty, a street back only after Hermes and Chanel] Guo Jingjing married Kenneth Fok, two people exposed is thrifty, a moment together with his son to the supermarket procurement, while Guo Jingjing alone to go shopping or to stand.相关的主题文章: