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Business More and more businesses are turning to a Twitter marketing service to help increase site traffic, announce sales and improve product or brand recognition. There are very few businesses which would not benefit from a marketing campaign using all available resources including social networks. Social media networking however is specialized and most businessmen find the greatest return on time invested presented by employing experts rather than suffering through the learning curve. In 2006 Twitter was introduced and rapidly became a favored means of communication between groups of friends and total strangers. The average person as well as the rich and famous tweet. Twitter also has developed into an incredible marketing tool. Part of the appeal of Twitter is the fact it is simple to use. A person needs only sign up for an account and they can begin to be heard by anyone who chooses to listen. Of course it may take a very long time to gain a large audience for the average person or business, unless they employ a marketing service. Learning how to tweet correctly and assigning the time to tweet is often a challenge when using Twitter. The advantage of being able to post even from a cellphone can be useful but only if the post being sent is being read by the right group. In general a marketing campaign using Twitter requires frequent short and to the point posts designed to gain immediate responses. Not all Twitter marketing services are created alike either but that is the norm with any new service a business employs. It makes sense to assure that the company is skilled in their field and has a spotless reputation. A proven track record of results is often more attractive than a discount price. There are very few groups which might not benefit from a service for marketing. These groups might include social network experts, this is a small and elite group. The other are those businesses whose clients do not use social networking. The latter group is becoming very small in this increasingly digital world though and most people have at least a passing acquaintance with social networking. Twitter as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly more accepted and more and more businesses are turning to social networks as one more method of getting the word out about their products or services. Large and small companies alike are turning to these new meeting places and using them as yet another way to touch base with their intended audience. How successfully this is done in large part depends upon how well they choose the social networking market service they employ. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: