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The book sent to teach   Chengdu a primary school teacher party members to participate in the "good education action" – Sichuan Channel – Chengdu 14 October, coincided with the victory of the Red Army on the occasion of 80th anniversary went to Ruoergai County, on the east by Sichuan Normal University Affiliated Primary School Party branch and the "time" Education Press Agency jointly sponsored by the review of the long march spirit 2016 "good teaching the action kicked off. School teachers and students to carry out the sow sunshine, warmth "– as Sichuan Province, Ruoergai County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Daza Temple Primary School sent to teach the accurate public activity book. Donation activities, primary school children have held over her collection of children’s books, and "love" with packing, sent to Ruoergai. On the long march of the Red Army’s footsteps, "the times" newspaper editor Wang Daping general education agency and the East Primary School Party branch committee Zhang Monday into the red land, began this year’s review of the long march spirit of "good teaching action". In the accurate donation ceremony, Ruoergai County primary school principal Zerant Daza temple and East Primary School Party branch committee Zhang Zhou said in his speech, after school will continue to cross on regional cooperation, is committed to building a linkage to share resources and co education long-term mechanism, give full play to the advantages of running and leading role in East Primary School Education, quality service, resource allocation and other aspects, to promote the coordinated development between the two schools. The two pairs of schools have carried out extensive exchanges on educational ideas, school culture, curriculum construction, classroom transformation, resource integration and so on. Party members on behalf of Ruoergai County Daza Temple Primary school children teaching demonstration class. (He Shiyang Xie Xiaoyu) (commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia) 捐书送教 成都一小学教师党员赴若尔盖县参加“良教行动”–四川频道–人民网 人民网成都10月14日电  正值红军长征胜利80周年之际,由四川师大附属上东小学党支部和《时代教育》报刊社联合主办的重温长征精神2016“良教行动”正式拉开序幕。学校师生深入开展了“播撒阳光,传递温暖”――为四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州若尔盖县达扎寺小学捐书送教的精准公益活动。 捐赠活动中,上东小学的孩子纷纷捧出自己珍藏的儿童读物,与“爱心”一起打包装箱,寄向若尔盖。 踏着红军长征的足迹,《时代教育》报刊社总编辑王大平和上东小学党支部委员张周一行走进了那片红色的土地,开始了今年的重温长征精神“良教行动”。 在精准捐赠启动仪式上,若尔盖县达扎寺小学校长泽郎特与上东小学党支部委员张周均在发言中表示,以后跨区域结对学校将会继续致力于构建联动合作、资源同享、共生共育的长效机制,充分发挥上东小学在教育理念、品质服务、资源配置等方面的办学优势和引领作用,切实促进两校之间的协同发展。 两所结对学校就教育理念、学校文化、课程建设、课堂转型、资源整合等方面展开了广泛交流。党员教师代表为若尔盖县达扎寺小学的孩子们执教了示范课。(何诗洋 谢晓雨) (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: