The cause of the death of human grandmother confirms that the ancient people used to live in the tre stand by me shinee

"Human grandmother" coroner confirmed that the ancient arboreal habits of human beings — science and technology — original title: "human grandmother" coroner confirmed that the ancient arboreal habits of human beings in science and technology daily August 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Mengran) a study in this week’s "nature" published in the Journal, Lucy (Lucy), found in the present Ethiopia has 3 million 180 thousand years of history of the famous ancient people died because the injured fell from the tree. The research and analysis of the fracture of bones in some parts of Lucy, the unusual found evidence that extinct ancient human Australopithecus afarensis had live in trees (arboreal habits). Ethiopia Afar region, is an important birthplace of Australopithecus. Guyuan afar kind is a direct ancestor of early humans, is also one of the earliest species can walk upright. Which is well-known, far and near in 1974 by the American scientist Donald? Johnson archaeological team discovered "human grandmother" — Lucy. The oldest and most complete remains of Lucy’s remains are considered to be a landmark discovery in the field of human origin, and are considered to be one of the most important fossil fossils in the world. But since she appeared, she has been the focus of debate about the role of arboreal species in early human evolution. The United States of Dezhou, Austen, John and Lucy? Kapaman colleagues studied fossils (including the skull, axial skeleton, hands, pelvis and foot) CT images and bones, is used to assess the cause of death. In the detailed analysis and comparison of clinical cases of injury of bones showed that many fractures may have existed before death, had not died, but also may be from the very high level fall caused by, rather than in the fossil formed during the formation of. The authors explain the multiple fractures, bones of the location and severity of this fall is consistent with. In addition, the analysis of Lucy arm fractures showed that she had tried to stop his arms to fall. Although Australopithecus afarensis seems both the terrestrial lifestyle, with arboreal lifestyle, but the researchers believe that promoting human may weaken their ability to climb in the behavior of bipedal walking on land, it may be easier for them to cause a fall from a great height. Chief editor punctuate what evolved into human like this now? The researchers think, from various clues in trying to piece together a complete picture of evolution. From the tree to the ground, is a huge breakthrough in the history of human evolution. Lucy is thought to be able to walk upright, and from a new perspective, she may be in a transitional phase. Look forward to new technology means to dig out more information in the ancient fossils". (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: