The digital sensitive period in a child’s life! Do not miss the outbreak of TA mathematical universe w-inds.

The digital sensitive period in a child’s life! Don’t miss the outbreak of TA mathematical universe [] – Sohu maternal children said the original, reproduced please mark the source recently met a math teacher, she uses the digital sensitive children, let 4 year old son, only in the second half of this year will be mastered and is add, subtract, multiply and divide operations, mental arithmetic! Because of concerns about the children feel boring, she did not let the children recite any mathematical formulas, nor by counting the traditional method, the most important is the child learns easily bored, just by playing with her mother, has achieved a surprising result. How does the mother play with her children? Children said that the next will introduce. What is the digital sensitive period? Children’s number sensitive period, generally occurs in the age of 4, some children may be ahead of time, is the number, the number of relations, the order of order, physical characteristics, such as showing interest. There are a variety of specific behaviors, and the child may ask frequently asked what time is it? Or a child eating dumplings in when I told you TA ate 1 dumplings left in 3, and the TA may be on the stairs or outdoor billboards above figure is very interested in, will read the above figures, or ask you what are those numbers, sometimes compared to two figures, such as their ask 5 or 2, or TA alone play the game to sell things. If your child has the performance of the above, that their digital sensitive period. So how did the math teacher’s mother do? One day, the bear children (little) with some toys in the "selling": "sell pork, who want to buy? 1 pieces of a pound!" (often with grandma to the vegetable market to buy pork to peddle) sensitive to the math teacher mother, perhaps to the digital sensitive period of children. An idea jumped out of his mind: look at the child’s happiness, why not let him play in imitation of the game more comprehensive contact with mathematics? She said she wasn’t going to let the children learn, just try "Boss, do you have a supermarket? I want to buy something else." The mother asked her son. The bear’s eyes lit up and he said happily to her mother, "of course, what do you want to buy?" The role is pretty fast. Remind children to say, in this game, if you write with a small piece of paper instead of paper money or other digital tokens is not desirable, would undermine the interests of children, because children imitate adults, imagine yourself to be adults’ psychological needs, in addition, if the use of tokens in the near future is to let the children know the real money, why not let the child took the notes to identify digital contact? Therefore, the game is recommended to use real money, every play, do not forget to wash your hands. "How much does it cost to buy a bottle of body lotion?" "3 pieces." Playing games with the children, you may find that children have no concept of numbers, according to the actual level of precious things in life to price, then the parents do not correct, no exaggeration to say "so cheap", especially children do not ridicule stupid pricing etc.. As they grow older, they will come to understand a reasonable price, but not now. .相关的主题文章: