The friendship price 80 thousand yuan to buy huanghuali furniture was fake brock lesnar

The friendship price 80 thousand yuan to buy huanghuali furniture was a fake newspaper news (reporter Zhang Cili) October 20th, Mr. Ma Xiang home education Xingqing District of Yinchuan city to reflect the reporter, he spent 80 thousand yuan in the friend Yao somewhere to buy a set of pear furniture, who knows the identification shows that this set of furniture is in fact is the red willow material. Mr. Ma hobby antique collection, in May of this year, he met in the circle of friends WeChat yao. Yao claimed mahogany furniture business for many years, and often will buy, through some "baby" in the circle of friends in the show. In mid August, two "Huanghua" furniture yaomou show strong interest of Mr. ma. He said the original price is 400 thousand yuan each, directly from the Hainan manufacturers to buy, due to the elimination of intermediate links, it will be much cheaper than the market price." Mr. Ma said that he and Yao repeated bargain, friendship price to buy a chair and a chair, and two times will be 80 thousand yuan of money to Yao furniture. "Pear" furniture placed in the home, Mr. Ma is proud. After a few days, a friend reminded Mr. Ma should identify the furniture material. Mr. Ma was commissioned a Xi’an Wood Research Institute of the national statutory qualifications for identification, identification results that Mr. Ma surprised: "for wood rosewood Liu, does not belong to the incense sticks of wood, so it can be called a" pear "." Mr. Ma believes that Yao Mouyou fraud, asking them to return the money, the other has said: "I did not force you to buy your own furniture, is to repeatedly test," pear "is recognized. The goods provided on behalf of the transaction, now go back too late. What’s more, I do not recognize your identification results." So refused to negotiate, and no longer answer Mr. Ma’s phone. Insiders said that this set of furniture for Hainan pear material, a minimum of 200 thousand yuan more than the market price. Yinchuan lawyer Wang Zhong said, Mr. Ma take legal proceedings, the court commissioned agency given identification conclusion also confirmed that huanghuali furniture is not involved, Mr. Yao knows or should know that Hainan huanghuali furniture is not material, but to hide the fact that Mr. Ma and the deal, his behavior constituted fraud. It is understood that Mr. Ma has filed an appeal to the court. To remind the industry, the purchase of high-grade furniture and other items should be through formal channels, do not covet cheap unwise. Source: Ningxia daily 06 Edition: social · rule of law相关的主题文章: