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The girls believe in "police investigation" cheated 310 thousand mobile phone display +10086- Sohu News China Xianyang daily news September 23rd, "Hello, here is the China Mobile customer service hotline, this is the operator……" Cell phone display is +10086 call, Mandy answered, but she did not expect to fall into their own fraud carefully arranged scam, and once the money into the other account…… The evening of September 3rd, Mandy rushed to the Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Branch Weicheng Wenhui police squadron report, she is a junior college student in Xianyang, shortly before being cheated 310 thousand yuan. Mandy said, in August 24th, she suddenly received a 10086 customer service phone, a person claiming to be the operator, her personal information is fraudulent, and help her transfer to the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, a self proclaimed "officer Lee." the man said, they are together in the process of economic cases found, she suspected major the illegal money laundering case, she needs to cooperate with the police investigation. Xiaomin initially did not believe, but when the other side to accurately tell her age information, home address and college, she was a little scared. She asked how to cooperate, "Lee police officer said, Mandy put all the money in the bank card to the bank account designated by the special handling of frozen, after completing the case, if Mandy did not involve illegal money laundering on the refund. From August 24th to late September 3rd, Mandy has for gospel truth to each other through the mobile phone bank designated account transfer 10 times, a total of 310 thousand yuan. When the allergic reaction to the other side to make a phone call, the phone can not get through. According to Xiao’s transfer records, police found a sum of 50 thousand yuan, swindler not paid, then immediately through the payment of 50 thousand yuan this will eventually come back. In September 22nd, police investigators told reporters, Xiao family is rich, cheated 310 thousand Yuan Li has many years of accumulated pocket money, and friends and family to give her money, just 150 thousand yuan, the money she is ready to study abroad. Police handling the case, said they found the phone number to call the number 10086 + +. The so-called Nanjing police in front of the phone also have a + number, this is done by changing the number of software. Currently, the case is still further investigation.  相关的主题文章: