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"The most beautiful nurse outside the street save brother was exceptional promotion (Figure) – Beijing – Wang Xia in the ward inspection. "Praising! Ping Shan Street of Qingdao female nurses save brother "tracking Wang Xia save nurse Pingshan County People’s Hospital Nan Kaiyu Ventura a reporter after the newspaper reported, has aroused strong repercussions. Many people expressed appreciation for Wang Xia’s actions. In August 20th, Wang Xia came home from Qingdao to save the mention of that said: "when someone called for help, I will not hesitate to help!" At noon yesterday, the reporter in Pingshan County People’s hospital ward to see the nurse Wang Xia two. Wang Xia is very busy, a record, a little time with liquid, while infusion. Finally, in her spare time, the reporter conducted a brief interview with her. "This trip to Qingdao although there is no fun, but the most significant. This happens, I will not hesitate to hand to help others." Conversation, Wang Xia from time to time to open the nursing records to see, to ward inspection again, which patients the change of dressing, which patients should pull the needle, she is thinking about. Even Japan, Wang Xia in Qingdao to save the act reported by the media, she suddenly became a celebrity in Pingshan County People’s Hospital, not only colleagues have such colleagues feel honored, even some of hospitalized patients and their families are also in the lips of hers. In the ward, all the people who met her would ask: "you are the one who saved the most beautiful nurse in Qingdao, right?" Pingshan County People’s hospital called the hospital and medical workers to learn from her, and Wang Xia in two for exceptional promotion department nurse assistant. Pingshan County People’s Hospital, deputy secretary Liang Qingming said: "in a pinch, Wang Xia to come forward, do not hesitate to give treatment to the patients, fully embodies the spirit of the noble life-saving medical personnel occupation, her act has set an example for the whole staff." Although she never thought of honor, but Wang Xia is still very calm, every day to continue their original work and life. The original hospital let her go to the Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical workers with middle learning, but because the job is busy, need the most hard shift, Wang Xia failed to make the trip. "I don’t regret it, and I have a chance. In fact, the current job is more important." Wang Xia said.相关的主题文章: