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UnCategorized If you own or manage a retail store, then you already know that one of the best ways to get an honest review of your store’s level of service is by hiring a secret shopping agency to send a secret shopper your way. It’s no secret that many businesses, from pet shops to restaurants, use under cover consumers to test the service levels of their stores. And if you own a retail location and haven’t utilized one yourself, then you might want to consider it. You’re likely to be surprised by what you find. Just like a parent wants to believe that their children are so well behaved, they would probably be shocked to learn how they behave when out of sight. You may believe that you have hired the best employees who are fully dedicated to helping you build your business. But are they still providing top-shelf customer service when you’re out of the store? You might be surprised. Pleasantly if you are lucky. The secret shopper’s task is generally pretty simple: visit the store, ask questions, maybe try a few things out, make a purchase, and possibly return in later on. As the hiring business, you of course have the right to specify exactly what aspects of your store you’d like reviewed whether it’s customer service, response time to being helped after entering, efficiency of the return process, cleanliness of the store, organization of the products on shelves, etc. Imagine you manage a car dealership for example. Do certain salespeople push too hard? Do they .e across as disrespectful? Does your dealership just put off a negative vibe because of the way you have your cars laid out? How are your salespeople behaving after they are in a car, alone with your potential customers? Secret shoppers can help you answer these and other questions. If you own a restaurant, how to your servers react when told the food that was served is of low quality and some form of restitution is demanded. You, as the restaurant owner, know exactly what you would do for the benefit of your business. Are your employees doing the same? If you choose to go with a secret shopping service, just remember that they key to getting a truly honest review is to keep the secret, well, a secret. If your employees suspect at all that they are being watched, then they are likely to adjust their behavior from the norm. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: