The school began to allow students to practice the field has received tens of thousands of tuition f aizi

The school began to allow students to practice the field has received thousands of tuition fees – Sohu news Xi’an City Construction official website of Career Academy. According to China Daily reported on September 18th, the Mid Autumn Festival, heavy-hearted is located in Xi’an city Changan District Xi’an city construction Career Academy sophomore had received notice before the holiday, because the teacher said to the Jiangsu factory "practice", make them ready in advance. Student: haven’t learned professional courses to practice it not as cheap labor "students pay tuition and accommodation fee etc. on the yuan, only school less than a month, a professional courses are not on, suddenly said to go out to practice." In recent days, the China Daily newspaper received a number of Xi’an city construction Career Academy students call hotline to reflect this. The school has a professional interior design of the second grade students, the specialty is three year school, pay 8800 yuan of tuition fees, accommodation fees and 1200 yuan, 600 yuan fee, ten thousand yuan has been doing. Because of a large school are basic courses, originally thought that the second grade began to learn professional courses, the school only 3 books, is the employment guidance for college students like, not a professional book, professional class not so far. Before the Mid Autumn Festival counselor notice said to go to practice the factory in Jiangsu, let us pick up things ready, and said the Mid Autumn Festival is probably the last vacation, National Day should have to practice, but also to go in. The students questioned, made so much money, are the parents hard-earned money, students go to school is to learn professional knowledge, second to the factory practice, not the students when cheap labor, the students are not willing to go. Afraid of their families because of fear, we do not dare to say to their parents. Another big the second grade students, counselors notice we are not willing to, the counselor said red tape have the Department of education, schools, is the school of professional in the second grade students are going to. The teacher said that this is a social understanding of learning, in fact, is not to work in the factory? A month to 480 yuan wages." The student said, he asked the other students at the Career Academy, said no one second to practice work, our school should be planned, because this semester only one month course, behind no timetable, it is said that the practice of 3 months, just came back this semester. In the questioning of the students, the teachers are also different, and some say that the school has not yet finalized. Have the students on the matter: micro-blog said: "Xi’an city construction of Career Academy (three years college) received a sophomore year tuition and accommodation expenses, now only a month of school, the school let out and practice of school enterprise cooperation unit electronics factory, said not to give diplomas to threaten the students who will get profits from the school, regardless of students majored in education or high professional flight attendants, all required to practice electronic factory. Xi’an Institute of urban construction in Baidu post bar, there are a lot of people are concerned about this matter. One of the contents: "school 15 practice is not true? This is a crazy time for this. Ask God about what is really the "post, post hundreds, have said: only a sophomore student what ah? To give others a low cost.相关的主题文章: