The sloth bear sports completed 42 million a round of financing led to Chinese culture punyu

The sloth bear sports completed 42 million A round of financing led the Chinese culture to benefit from science and technology Tencent Yu Si translation over the past two years, the sports industry "great leap forward" is not only Wanda, big companies like Tencent, small start-up companies also enjoy the sports industry outbreak bonus. In September 19th, sports in the sports industry market Chinese sloth bear (CSIM) announced the completion of 42 million A round of financing, the angel round of investment of Chinese cultural Holdings (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese culture" or "CMC") continue to receive investment, capital, entertainment industry, Fan Yi Greg with investment funds. The sloth bear sports was formally established in July 2015, is the earliest vertical media focus on sports industry business news reports. The founder of Han and served as the interface of commercial sports channel director, "financial world weekly" senior journalist and co-founder Li Shuangfu served as ambassador to the United States, sina NBA reporter, good at sports from the angle of commercial finance interpretation. Two other partners Liu Xiruo and Jeky, respectively, from the Beijing News and entrepreneurs. The founders of the media resources to allow for an exclusive news bear first hand, and adhere to the "original" and "depth" reports to help set up the sports industry bear reputation. The company won the joint branch profit 2 million yuan angel investment in June 2015, in March this year and won the Chinese culture lead investor, nine venture capital investment 12 million yuan Pre-A round of financing. After the completion of the last round of financing, the company is accelerating the run. Mainly around the content as the core, by the depth of the professional content of the impact of the industry, while exploring the content of the product extension, by the industry media service platform to the entire industry slowly over." The sloth bear sports founder Han Mu told the Tencent of science and technology. The three pen financing within 15 months, the investor value and is not only the foreground and the sports industry of the original reports of sloth bear ability, sloth bear are trying to move their business to expand to more areas. According to Korean animal husbandry, mainly along the next bear sports update, financial services and business services in three areas of development. To remove content, industry depth article high quality output, sloth bear Institute has started operations, irregular output data and reports related to the sports industry. In May this year, she has released a "white paper" China sports business. In the field of financial services, CO sponsored by the Chinese culture and sports and the sloth Bear Branch Xun yuan fund, has been formally established in May this year, early attention to sports investment, the fund size of 100 million yuan. As of now, the fund has invested 8 yuan in fast sports, including fitness services, sports and entertainment content production, vegetarian health, sports, fitness training community children’s intelligent hardware and sports marketing etc.. In business services, sloth bears will host several times in different scale of sports industry in the annual meeting. In May this year hosted the China Sports Industry Sports Bear thousands of cross-border summit, the next will be officially launched the "China sports industry market". From the beginning of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Harbin and other 7 core cities, there will be more than 100 sports industry chiefs, business leaders, investors, star entrepreneurs, text.相关的主题文章: