The third session of the Xicheng District cultural heritage project heritage volunteer recruitment a 3u8813

The third session of the Xicheng District cultural heritage project heritage volunteer recruitment activities start – Xicheng District Beijing City Entertainment Sohu as the founding of the Republic of China, the core functions of the capital area today, deep historical heritage, rich cultural heritage, the national intangible cultural heritage project 36, project 67 municipal, district 162 projects, all levels of representative inheritors 200 people, is the intangible cultural heritage resources in Beijing area. At this stage, with the passage of time, changes in the rhythm of life, changing cultural ecological environment, some items of intangible social awareness is not high, the influence of industry needs to be further improved, representative inheritors of older, less number of people passing individual projects. In view of this situation, Xicheng District intangible cultural heritage protection center in Xicheng District culture under the guidance of the committee, in 2014 launched the "folk treasures? Memory West Xicheng District non heritage intangible cultural heritage volunteer recruitment activities, recruitment for the public inheritance volunteers, close experience, training and representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, in order to the protection project to move through the propaganda, to further improve the heritage echelon construction work, make the Chinese nation traditional culture promote and develop better. To carry out the project period of two years (2014-2015) — the selection of Beijing palace carpet weaving skills, Beijing porcelain, Yu’s carving, clay sculpture, Facebook dramatic helmet production skills, Beijing painting snuff bottles, Cao kite, traditional lanterns, Gokokuji snacks halal production techniques (cold food thirteen) and sent ten Mu Bridge trick not the project conducted a public recruitment, a total of more than 1000 people signed up, the culture heritage of 95 volunteers. At the same time, through this activity, "Yu’s straw" project representative successors Yu Guanglei teacher Zhang, Wang Xiujun, Zhen Hui officially received Zhai Wei, Wang Ting, Huang Jiaqi and other five volunteers for the inheritance of acts; "Beijing porcelain" project representative successors teacher Chen Yongchang officially received as a disciple Zhou Xiaoming; "traditional lanterns" project representative inheritors teacher Yu Guangliang officially closed edge guchol acts; "flyover Mourinho sent trick" project representative successors Tian Xueming officially received high Xiyang acts as a teacher. Following the success of the first two recruitment activities and received enthusiastic social repercussions, the Xicheng District intangible cultural heritage projects in heritage volunteer recruitment activities will be officially launched in September 1st. 2016 non heritage volunteer recruitment projects a total of 6 projects, including Beijing, Beijing bristle figure antique porcelain, art (Beijing Qinshu, Jingyuntaigu), bayberry production techniques, Barbecue Season Roasted Mutton craft and Jinghu craft etc.. By then, welcome to the intangible cultural heritage projects are interested in the broad masses of the public to actively participate in the registration. Registration time: from September 1st to September 20th, Monday to Friday 10:00~11:30, 14:00~16:00 contact: Li registration Tel: 010-82857005 e-mail: xichengfeiyi@163 (mail registration registration please state your name, age, occupation, project, telephone and other information) WeChat registration: focus on the official WeChat "West West heritage intangible cultural heritage" into the public number)相关的主题文章: