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Travel-and-Leisure Australia is an island, also a country, as well as a very large continent. Diversity is deep seated in the spirit of the place, whichever political or geographic description you choose to go with. There are swanky, ultra-hip metropolitan cities to visit and sunny beach towns, while also, at the other extreme, harsh, hot and unforgiving outback. Be prepared to lose yourself in the seemingly endless bunch of holiday activities that the land down under has to offer. Its no wonder that international holiday packages are all including Australia on their lists these days, and even less surprising that people are now insisting on quality vacation packages to the worlds largest island country. Plan your schedules to get a taste of Australia travel today! The Cities Sydney (or the Harbour City), Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Hobart… these are just some of the biggest and most rapidly growing cities on Australias rapidly developing urban front. These cities offer a taste of universal metropolitan lifestyle, but with a distinctly unique Australian flavour. Luxury shopping, urban beaches, sun-drenched harbours and bars stocked with the most exquisite spirits, theyre all waiting in Australias metropolises. The Food While Australia doesnt have a culinary base that is as local and distinct as that of India or China or any of the other Asian countries, it does not simply settle for a bland imitation of chicken pot pie and pizza, either. Modern Australian cuisine, or Mod Oz cooking, as it is known by the citizens, is a mouth-watering blend of European techniques and Australian ingredients, with special emphasis on seafood (sourced freshly from the neighbouring ocean!). The famous bugs of Queenslands Moreton Bay, King George Whiting as well as freshwater fare (Murray Cods and Australian bass) are all on offer. Also on offer for those with a more adventurous palate are exotic meats, such as that of kangaroos, crocodiles and alligators. And what is good food, anyway, without a perfect .plimentary beverage? Australia is fast one of the worlds most prolific producers of beer and wine, both having received gourmet recognition globally. The Outback The outback may be hot, harsh and unforgiving, but sometimes what one needs is exactly that, that is to push the boundaries. The best way to explore the Australias red, dusty backyard is by car, preferably a large, four-wheel powered, all terrain vehicle. The seclusion and vastness of the outback make it a perfect place to practice ones off-roading skills, in between stealing visits to the numberless national parks that punctuate it. If the idea of a rugged drive out of suburbia doesnt appeal to your senses, then remember that Oz also has one of best .works of road transportation in the world. Make use it to embark on your longest road trip! The Australia travel bug is biting everyone, and we suggest you get bitten too if you havent already. The down under international holiday package is a habit that could use some cultivation! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: