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The world championships Marlon Fan Zhendong zero closure Fang Bo lost a bureau China 3-0 Korea (click to watch high-definition photos) ticker 2 April 29 news, the first 53 the Kuala Lumpur World Team Championships continue to compete for the group phase, China team successfully get a couple of wins. Both Malone and Fan Zhendong defeated their opponents by 3 to 0, winning 3 to 1, and the Chinese team won the victory by winning Korea by 3 to 0. The Chinese team sent Malone, Fan Zhendong and Fang Bo out today. Malone’s first encounter with the DPRK team Cui day, Malone came up with a positive initiative, he quickly lead, he was 11 to 6 before the next city. Cui in the second game to Malone made some trouble, but the strength of the dominant Malone still occupy the initiative, he was 11 to 8 and then a city. In the third game, Malone still did not give the phone, 11 to 4, he added the icing on the cake to win 3 to 0, the Chinese team got the first point. Fan Zhendong’s second game against North Korea’s portsmouth. Fan Zhendong was out of the tension of the opener, he entered the state soon after the start was completely suppressed opponents, he more than 11 to 6, 11, 11 than 5 than 3 in three straight swept Chinese team to expand the total score 2 to 0. Fang Bo in third games against North Korea’s Jiang Weixun. Fang Bo made a good start in the ratio of 11 to 4 to win the second game, but he more mistakes, Jiang Weixun seize the opportunity to draw more than 7 11. The two sides in the third game for fierce, the field appeared several times deuce, 10 Ping, Bo seize the opportunity to win two points, to win 12 to 10. After Fang Bo 11 than 3, follow up a victory with hot pursuit, he had a point more than 3 to 1 win, China team than the 3 to 0 swept the Korean team to get 2 wins. (Chimera)

世乒赛马龙樊振东零封 方博丢一局中国3-0朝鲜 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月29日消息,第53届吉隆坡团体世乒赛继续进行小组赛的争夺,中国男队顺利拿到两连胜。马龙和樊振东均以3比0战胜各自对手,方博3比1取胜,中国队以3比0横扫朝鲜队赢得连胜。   中国队今天派出了马龙、樊振东和方博出赛。马龙首场迎战朝鲜队的崔日,一上来马龙就打得积极主动,他迅速取得领先,他以11比6先下一城。崔日在第二局给马龙制造些许麻烦,但实力占优的马龙还是占据主动,他以11比8再下一城。第三局马龙依旧没有给对手机会,11比4,他锦上添花以3比0赢球,中国队拿到第一分。   樊振东在第二场迎战朝鲜队的朴申赫。樊振东明显摆脱了首战的紧张感,他进入状态很快,开赛后就完全压制对手,结果他以11比6、11比5、11比3直落三局横扫对手,中国队把总比分扩大为2比0。   方博在第三场对阵朝鲜队的姜伟勋。方博开局不错以11比4先胜,但他第二局失误较多,姜伟勋把握机会以11比7扳回。双方在第三局争夺激烈,场上几次出现平分,10平后方博把握机会连赢两分以12比10拿下。之后方博乘胜追击,11比3,他又下一城以3比1取胜,中国队以3比0横扫朝鲜队拿到2连胜。(Chimera)相关的主题文章: