Through the international gold to maintain shock waiting below

International remittance: gold to maintain the shock waiting below the support of clients view the latest market on Thursday (September 29th) U.S. economic data were mixed, the dollar index to maintain the shock. Europe’s banking crisis seems to have become the focus of market attention, suppress market risk sentiment. Crude oil market continued speculation, OPEC production agreement, although most analysts are not optimistic about the deal, but for the first time in eight years to reach this agreement is still limited production to support prices continue to rise more than 1%. [today focus on financial data and events] on Friday September 30, 2016 07:30 Japan’s August August unemployment rate, the annual rate of core CPI, the 09:45 China August core CPI annual rate in fiscal September manufacturing PMI final value of the new 14:00 UK September Nationwide house price index rate of the 14:45 in France in September monthly rate of CPI 15:00 KOF in Switzerland in September leading economic index 6 16:30 in the second quarter of the current account, the second quarter GDP final value 17:00 euro zone unemployment rate in August, the initial value of the euro area in September CPI annual 20:30 Canada July GDP monthly rate, U.S. personal spending in August monthly rate, core PCE price index annual rate of 21:45 and the United States in September Chicago PMI 22:00 U.S. September University of Michigan consumer confidence index the final 01:00 America To September 30th when the week oil drilling total gold: gold is still by the level of hours trend line suppression, short-term highs continue to lift low signs, the days of operation to short, short-term concern 1324 pressure, 1316 support. If gold fell 1310 – 1306 strong support area, then the idea is to do more. Pressure: 13241328 support: 131613101328 short, stop 1331, target 1316 Canada: Canada overnight rebound, Powei 1.3140 pressure, the continuation of the pattern of high and volatile, days still consider the 1.3130 – 1.3260 range the buy low sell high. Pressure: 1.3260 – 1.3280 – 1.3100 1.3130 support: 1.3130, stop 30, target 1.3200: 1.3260 Niumei Niumei into triangle finishing at the end of 0.7230 to 0.7290 on the operation interval, consider this range of buy low sell high. Pressure: 0.7290 support: 0.7230 in 0.7230, stop 25, target 0.7290 US Japan: the United States and Japan have short-term rebound signs difficult, the top 101.7 concerns pressure, concern below 100.8 – 100.6 support. Pressure: 101.7 support: 100.8 – 100.6 more than 100.8, stop loss of 30.相关的主题文章: