Trump Putin cited overtures disturbing for the first time the EU independent defense lightscape

Trump Putin cited the EU unease: good defense for the first time independent original title: Trump Putin has caused anxiety: for the first time the EU independent defense [Global Times reported] "the United States no longer stand on our side", German TV station 15, sadly said, "Europe must grow independent." Yesterday, many European media reported that Trump and Putin call the news, with the graffiti artist of Lithuania created by Bonanu (pictured), painting, Trump and Putin in the kissing. The "signal" normalization of relations between Russia and the United States, the German news television station 15, pointed out that Putin and Trump calls, it is difficult to see that this is the two "hostile country" leaders talk. The two countries share a common enemy: international terrorism and extremism. Trump also intends to abandon the Western consensus, to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. Although Obama is about to visit Germany for the sixth time, Mr Merkel has been the closest overseas partner of Mr. "But it will change from next year to". Merkel said that after the victory of Trump, "the last defender of Western liberalism". The loss of European media is obvious. Reuters 15, entitled "Putin, Trump and tense NATO said in an article, at least from the current situation, relations between the United States and Russia than the United States in the Obama and Bush on the rebound. There are concerns that the United States will withdraw from NATO, which could prompt governments to increase their defense spending, such as Poland and the Baltic states. "The potential danger is that it could also prompt Moscow to overestimate its strength." Germany’s "world news" said 15 days, from Putin and Bertrand Mandarin, Russia has the opportunity to establish a comprehensive relationship with the United states. 14, Merkel also had to call Putin, warned her that, Ukraine may be derived from the natural gas pipeline to extract natural gas for their use. German news agency 15, said Trump to Europe to leave the big question mark: first, whether Europe will soon be alone against the Putin? Five Second, Europe will soon face more refugees? Third, is the TTIP free trade agreement dead? Fourth, the European support for the Iran nuclear agreement is null and void, threatening the Middle East? Fifth, NATO weakened, Europe must protect themselves? EU foreign ministers and ministers of the 14 meeting held in Brussels, and through the independent defense plan". This is the first time in history, this program can make the EU to send military forces outside the EU, onto the battlefield, to quell the crisis before the deployment of United Nations Military helmets. The meeting also passed a 16 page document. The plan highlights the strong desire of the EU Member States to strengthen military ties, achieve strategic autonomy, and do not rely on the United states. "5 days after the presidential election in the United States, Europe has felt a deep sense of insecurity." German "Der Spiegel" magazine 15, said, "this means that NATO’s role will be reduced." Trump and Putin ‘friendly’ let old European concerns, Russia’s Independent newspaper, 15, said recently, the close proximity of the European Union and the United States to worry about, and even some of the European Parliament called the president of the Republic of China, the independent newspaper said on the eve of the war between the two countries and the United States and the United States and the United States, the European Union and the United States and the United States and the United States, the European Union, the United States and the United States, the European Union, the United States and the United States, the European Union,相关的主题文章: