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Food-and-Drink Mumbai is the ultimate place that people from all across want to visit. The night life, the food, different cultures is what makes this city a beautiful place to live in. People from diverse cultures stay here and hence this place is home for all those who left their hometown to be here. And Mumbai does make you feel like you are home. It doesnt matter where you are from, what you do, if you are in Mumbai, you are bound to be loved and welcomed warmly. It is heaven on earth for every person who loves the night sky, loves the fragrance of dishes of different regions and freedom. Mumbai- Taste the best seafood: If you have been living in Mumbai for the past many years or new to the city, the first thing to do is binge on good food. Bombay (as it was called initially) is known for a chain of restaurants. You will be at the advantage of tasting many cuisines with the best scenic view ever. And the best time to do all this preferably during late night hours or after 8, when Mumbai traffic slows down and people are retiring to their homes after tiring day of work. This city is very fast paced and hence if you are looking to enjoy the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai with all the calmness, night hours are the best. The night breeze, soft music, good food on table- life cant get better or more beautiful than this. Mumbai trip remains incomplete without relishing on good food: A trip to the city of dreams Mumbai definitely remains incomplete without having tasted the different cuisines of this city. Because Mumbai is culturally diversified, you get to taste many different foods that originally come from different regions. This city has been luring tourists from all over since many years and even now it shows no signs of bringing any change to that. Because Mumbai is a city built on water and since it is a land of fishermen too, it is known for the best seafood Mumbai. Prawns, different type of fish delicacies and much other sea food can be tasted best from this city. Many people who have already tasted them are still looking forward to many more of such experiences. Mumbai and good food go hand in hand: From Chinese, Italian, Spanish, sea food to name-it-and-you-get it, you get the best food in Indias one of the biggest metropolitan cities-Mumbai. You can also find the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai . There are many food apps available that will help you narrow down the list of the best restaurants in Mumbai and you could create a bucket list and visit each place to let your taste buds experiment. If you go to South Bombay, you not only get good food but also get a good company with some good scenic and serene views. You could build friendships over food. No better place than Mumbai to do such fun stuff. Foreign nationals come to Mumbai to satiate their spicy food needs: Because Mumbai is also a tourist spot visited by many foreign nationals, they come to try their hand at different and varied cuisines. Best seafood Mumbai is something that has been heard by people all across and hence they drop by to take a taste of the same. And trust us when we say, this is one city in the whole world that will not fail to impress you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: