Weihai two new acquaintance married wedding special striking from running-k-boxing

Weihai two new acquaintance married wedding special striking from running in September 17th, when we are still immersed in the mid autumn festival atmosphere, there are a couple in Weihai, have similar early to Weihai landmark "happiness", they will hold a "special" wedding on the beach. In the morning, near the door of happiness in Weihai weather, running from "breeze corps" hobby group of more than 30 people wearing a green runner, surrounded by a couple from here to the lighthouse, in this unique form of wedding. But because the bride Du Xiaodu accidentally injured her ankle, so temporarily changed to riding to the lighthouse. In September 17, 2015, when Wang Xiaoming first met Du Xiaodu, she fell in love with her at first sight. "Before we two hobbies, in a chat about running social software, and last year the first time today running together, and later joined the runners’ group wind Corps’. From acquaintance to acquaintance, from love to consent is just a year’s time." Memories of the past, Wang Xiaoming’s face filled with happiness. "Breeze clan to manager told reporters that the players in the running in the day they met fell in love," ran into the marriage hall, so that they are moved, they witnessed such a wonderful moment, but also carry forward the "Qingfeng clan" sincerity, uninhibited passion, popular Weihai spirit. It is understood that, in order to create the day’s romance, Wang Xiaoming pains. From June he proposed this idea and obtained "breeze clan support of friends, writing the script to make micro film 10 minutes, contact the director, photography and hosting. "Marriage is a major event in my life, we also wanted to give her a real love ceremony, now young people get married from the new social trend is simple." Wang Xiaoming said, because of a common hobby, he firmly believes that the future will become more and more sweet. Because of the novelty of wedding ceremony, the new couple gained many praise from the public along the way. (correspondent Lian Shijie Yu Huijun reporter Wang Jingcheng)

威海俩新人因跑步相识结婚 特殊婚礼引人注目   9月17日,当大家还沉浸在中秋节日氛围中时,在威海有一对新人,已经相约早早地来到威海地标性建筑“幸福门”前,他们将在海边举行一场“特殊”的婚礼。   当天上午,威海幸福门附近天气晴好,来自跑步爱好群“清风战队”的30余名身穿荧光绿的跑步爱好者,簇拥着一对新人从这里出发跑向灯塔,以这种独特形式举行婚礼。但是由于新娘杜小杜脚踝意外受伤,所以临时改为骑行到灯塔。   2015年9月17日,王小明第一次见到杜小杜,便对她一见钟情。“之前爱好跑步,我们俩人在一款关于跑步的社交软件上聊天,并于去年的今天第一次一起跑步,后来又加入跑步爱好者群‘清风战队’。从相识到相知,从相恋到相许正好一年的时间。”回忆过去,王小明脸上洋溢着幸福。   “清风战队”于经理告诉记者,队员在跑步中相识相恋,当天又选择“跑入”婚姻殿堂,让他们很感动,他们见证了这一美好时刻,同时也是发扬了“清风战队”真诚相伴,不羁豪情,风行威海的精神。   据了解,为了制造当天的浪漫,王小明煞费苦心。他从6月份提出这个想法并得到了“清风战队”朋友的支持,写剧本制作10分钟的微电影,联系导演、摄影和主持等。“结婚是我人生中的一件大事,也想给她一个我们真正喜欢的仪式,现在年轻人结婚从新从简也是社会潮流。”王小明说,因为有着共同的爱好,他坚信未来日子会越来越甜蜜。由于婚礼形式新颖,这对新人一路上收获了众多市民的点赞。(通讯员 连诗杰 于辉军 记者 王景成)相关的主题文章: