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When we are in dispute, the United States, in fact, there are several points that are worth noting – Sohu technology, said recently there is a company in Hongkong to prepare for the listing is quite noteworthy, that is, the United States plans. Eight sister think, the reason why the United States figure listed noteworthy, because the company itself, another is, well, looks like a long time no one a little bit bigger companies, especially listed in Hongkong and the u.s.. But no, after watching over the beauties of the prospectus, multimedia and the investment community’s children began to "bad mouthing": Well, the loss of so much money, the main income comes from the sale of mobile phone industry growth bottlenecks, and actually ran a popular cold Hongkong listing, this is why.? Eight sister carefully looked at, the United States and the United States does exist above problems. However, this does not mean that the company does not have the value of it? Even, in the melon people, it is not listed? Eight sisters feel, in fact, there are several issues worthy of note: 1, the United States is not really a loss of $6 billion 300 million? Actually not. Prospectus in the United States, has been criticized for the largest number of losses. The following financial statements show that the loss of 6 billion 300 million U.S. dollars up to $4. But in fact, the real situation, the loss of beauty is not so much, pro. Eight elder sister asked investment shoes, the logic is this: the beauties of the prospectus in financial statements, using the international financial reporting standards (IFRS), which is listed in Hongkong and the requirements of the listed company earnings stocks is not common in the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Under the IFRS guidelines, the United States of America’s cumulative loss of this one, including convertible redeemable preferred shares of fair value, in accordance with the requirements of IFRS, this part of the fair value is regarded as the company’s financial liabilities". What is convertible redeemable preferred stock? In fact, investors put money to the United States, the stock, and not the kind of ordinary shares traded in the two market, but preferred stock. If the future development of the United States is optimistic, then these preferred shares, the fair value will increase. In fact, the United States and the United States each round of financing, valuation has also been improving. Therefore, this part of the stock is actually an asset, is the proceeds of the u.s.. However, under the IFRS criterion, these numbers are to be included in the debt, so the result is that the fair value of preferred stock can be more shows in the financial statements of the greater loss, in other words, Mito listed before the higher valuation, this time is displayed in the company carrying on the cumulative loss of more. According to the chart prospectus, IPO to be completed, Mito all 168662788 preferred shares will be automatically converted into ordinary shares, that is to say, after the listing, the fair value will no longer be in debt, these losses will disappear in the first year after the listing "". Therefore, from the prospectus can be seen in the prospectus, in 2013 -2016 in the period of, the cumulative loss of the United States of America is a figure of 6 billion 205 million, the deduction of priority?相关的主题文章: