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Bali Huts DIY Kits or installed. Now, you can have your own tropical paradise bali huts made of thatches that are waterproof and easy to install. Bali huts protects you 100% from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is up to 10C cooler in summer and warmer in winter, quick to erect over your hot tub, spa, jacuzzi or swimming pool and low in maintenance costs. 100% UV Protection. Natural eco-friendly roof. Low maintenance and no mildew. Up to 10C cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The natural internal look is very decorative. 100% waterproof with correct installation. Thatch strips will cover any size roof constructed at the correct angle. Available in different sizes and shapes. Quick to erect and install (detailed DIY instructions). Create privacy over your hot tub, spa, jacuzzi, or by a swimming pool. Build in a barbecue and avoid the need to cancel because of the rain. African Gazebos DIY Kits or installed With thatch Cape Reed tiles this thatched gazebo provides you a uniquely themed shade structure which yields a tropical or island style and charm. African Gazebos are a delightful place to retreat from the pressures of life. They make a popular addition to your deck, poolside, garden, or backyard setting. Imagine enjoying your favourite book, viewing your garden, entertaining your friends, or just relaxing while being sheltered from the sun, wind, or rain. 100% UV Protection. From a shader to 95% waterproof. No maintenance, no shedding and no mildew. Can withstand very strong winds. 5-10 Degrees cooler than any other shade. Thatch tiles that will cover any size roof constructed at the correct angle. Only structural treated timber used. Available in different sizes and shapes. Quick to erect and install (detailed DIY instructions). Balinese Thatch Create your own tropical paradise in any shape with real Balinese thatch. This natural grass (Alang Alang). Bali style thatch is waterproof and easy to install. The Balinese thatch strips can be purchased separately for your DIY thatch projects and are an excellent way of creating your own thatched roof. Balinese thatch saves the expense and time associated with traditional thatch. African Thatch African Thatch reed tiles can be purchased separately for your DIY thatch projects and are an excellent way of creating your own thatched roof! The natural insulating properties of African thatch offer excellent thermal efficiency, keeping the temperature 5-10 degrees cooler on hot summer days while retaining maximum internal heat in winter. Decking DIY Kits or installed The most popular of all outdoor spaces, a deck can be added onto virtually any area of your home, adding liveable outdoor space to a bedroom, den, dining room or kitchen. We supply you with all the materials, hardware and a step-by-step installation manual. 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