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Why Scotland to downtown with the British "break up" – Beijing newspaper reporter Liao Qin in Scotland issued the two independence referendum bill, British Prime Minister Teresa? May and Scotland chief minister Sitkin met, but also record together to see the chief minister Welsh, northern ireland. Teresa? Mei sent a great gift — promise to give you more "from Europe" the right to speak, paixiong Fu said "off the European position must be beneficial to the uk. These words are clearly said to want to break up to listen to the Scotland, there is a great meaning to appease the fire. Compared with the British "take off Europe", Scotland "take off" seems to be more difficult, then Scotland for the British in the end is what kind of existence? Relationship: local and central? Speaking of the United Kingdom, few people call it the super long name "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". But it is precisely in the name of the hidden relationship between Scotland and the United Kingdom the initial "password", that is "joint" two words. A complete Britain is made up of four regions: England, Scotland, Welsh and Northern ireland. This "combined" means in the British flag was the most obvious, the "M word flag" of the original England (white, Red Cross flag), Scotland (blue and white cross flag) and Northern Ireland (white, Red Cross flag banner). As for why Welsh is not in it, that is, has always been the territory of England, naturally represented by the England. "Scotland can be defined as a region of Britain, the two are not the same level relationship, but also the relationship is not a unitary state of the central and local government, because the governor of Scotland, members of Parliament are self selected, not the British government appointed" central ". Therefore, from the perspective of administrative divisions, Scotland is not the concept of province and state." Li Guanjie, an assistant researcher at the center for American Studies at Shanghai International Studies University. In English, England, Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland’s "identity" is also called "country", but this "country" can not be equated with sovereign state. Although they also have their own government and parliament, but in terms of power, status and function, and can not equate the British government and parliament. Like the defense, diplomacy, finance, finance, energy, such as the sovereignty of the sovereign powers are squeezed in the hands of the British government, Scotland and other countries are not. And the Scotland parliament is not a complete independent agency, and the British Parliament has the power to veto and dissolve it. Even if Scotland is to hold a referendum on independence, the approval of the light of the parliament of Scotland is not useful, but also the British government must nod. However, as part of the United Kingdom, Scotland, the relationship between the people’s livelihood, but also have the right to speak. In the British Parliament, members of Scotland have several "small benches". When the Westminster to negotiate what policies, what decision, members of Scotland have the right to say. The British government can also express dissatisfaction. This high degree of autonomy also makes London very vexing. Power: a trick? In addition, there is no national defense diplomacy, finance, power, justice, education and medicine in the rest"相关的主题文章: