World Cup reminder Pick Ramos of Spain were absent because of injury list xhero

World Cup reminder: Pick Ramos of Spain were absent because of injury list [] football world Europe pre prediction analysis: Spain vs Macedonia start time: analysis of 2016-11-13 03:45 hunting ball: FUN88 1.05 14 35 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.04 15 38 Spain? In Spain is now ranked eighth in the world, and is ranked in Europe Division in fifth, 2018 World Cup qualifiers G team, the same group of other teams and the Macedonian team, team Albania, Liechtenstein, Israel and Italy team team. Spain play? The European pre group phase away to Albania, because both sides have the obvious disparity in strength, but Spain still until the second half to open the record, with Costa and Nuo Lituo goal, Spain in the final 2-0 win over opponents. ? in play after beating Albania and Spain in the group phase of harvest 2 wins 1 flat achievements on goal difference in the team being ranked the top position, qualifying the situation a large advantage. ? in Spain’s latest list, from Chelsea Diego Costa and Real Madrid morata lead the line, Busquets, David Silva, Juan Mata led the midfield line, just in Europa single game scoring 5 goals in 35 year old veteran Aduriz returned to the squad, but Peake, Ramos, Iniesta, et al. Lost due to injury. ? in meritorious coach Bosco resigned from the post of manager, successor will be the 50 year old Spanish coach Lopez Terje had during the Spanish youth team coach Lopez Terje, outstanding military exploits, conveying David De Gea, Spanish adult team Kirk, Tiago, Elia door Di, ISCO and morata et al. ? this game Spain will be available in the home court, the recent 3 meetings of all the team win, plus the opponent of Macedonia is weaker, I believe this game in Spain won the problem at the same time, the team may be as much as possible to create more goals, widening and the Italy goal difference advantage. Macedonia? Macedonia is European football is famous for the underdog, the team’s own strength is not strong, currently ranked 155th in the world, while in 48 place in Europe, is one of this session of the European pre G group. A recent world Europe? Macedonia pre group phase home court against Italy, the team early in the second half. Once with Nestor Lovskey and Hasani score counter ultra score, but because both sides of the overall strength of the gap between the teams, or at the end of the game was broke, the final 2-3 defeat opponents macedonia. ? and Liechtenstein, in Europe before the 3 round of the Macedonian pre group phase all suffered defeat, but the team on both ends is better, at present on goal difference in the group temporarily second countdown. ? the Macedonian team mainly in young players, most big players in front of Pandev and former Inter striker Nestor Roelfs Ki, who officially move to Serie A ball)相关的主题文章: