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Wuzhen report: Global Internet users reached 3 billion 500 million to bridge the digital divide – Sohu science and Technology Advisory Committee of experts on people’s Daily reporter Zhang Cong World Internet Conference high level the morning of November 18th officially released "2016 Wuzhen World Internet development report". The "Wuzhen report" (in English Edition) includes three parts, one is the preface, briefly summarizes the overall situation of a wide response years "in the global Chinese claims and triggered the global Internet development and governance; two is the body of the report, including" the construction and development of network, network culture prosperity and diversity "" digital economy and digital dividend "," network security "and" international cyberspace governance "five parts, elaborated a year of global Internet development and new achievements of network culture, new focus, new trends, new digital economy problems of network security, network governance development; three is looking forward to the future, put forward some trends in the future development of Internet governance. According to reports, in 2016 the "Wuzhen report" is the members of the Advisory Committee on co-operation and joint effort, reflects the collective wisdom of governments, international organizations, Internet companies, technology community, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and individual citizens and other representatives of the parties and consensus, fully embodies the Internet World Conference of the international Internet platform inclusive, comprehensive and representative. The "Wuzhen report" the introduction at present, human society entered the era of information revolution change rapidly, the information technology represented by the Internet, leading the social production of new changes, and create a new space of human life, expand new areas of governance, improve the ability of human knowledge and transform the world. The world is more colorful because of the Internet, life is richer because of the internet. Building a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative network space, so that the Internet to better benefit the world, the benefit of mankind has become the common people’s wishes. December 16, 2015 to 18, the second session of the world China Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, from more than and 120 countries and representatives of the regional government, heads of international organizations, Internet business leaders, experts and scholars more than 2000 guests attended the meeting, to discuss plans for the development of the Internet world. The China President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony, to promote global Internet governance system reform "four principles" and the construction of cyberspace community of destiny "five point proposal"; Pakistan President Hossain, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Massimo Schiff, Prime Minister Sariyev of Kyrgyzstan, Prime Minister Rasul R Da of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan’s first deputy prime minister A Zimov, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Wu Hongbo, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union Zhao Houlin, more than 500 guests to express their views, the construction of the global Internet development and governance are discussed. Published by the General Assembly high-level Advisory Committee of experts proposed the "Wuzhen initiative", the international community should pay attention to the construction and popularization of the Internet, to promote cultural diversity and prosperity, promote economic development and inclusive digital digital dividend, protect the security of cyberspace, and promote global Internet governance view. Over the past year, the Wuzhen initiative has been widespread concern in the global community, the global Internet foundation.相关的主题文章: