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Xishan old apartment arrested for illegal rectification — real estate — people.com.cn original title: Xishan old apartment arrested for illegal rectification in May this year, the newspaper written "Beijing non-profit beadhouse turned Park Villa sale" news has been widespread hot, and attracts the attention of the relevant authorities of the government. The day before, found by a number of departments of Beijing city land, planning, construction, civil affairs and other joint investigation, the exposure of the jade Xishan pension apartment ", although the land planning and approval of legitimate, but the existence of the pre rent part of the illegal use of" selling "propaganda to mislead consumers, while the presence of alleged" without the establishment of pension institutions permit ", the illegal conduct of pension service activities, the Department has this interview legal person, and proposed rectification requirements. Meanwhile, the department heads also revealed that the city finance, development and Reform Commission, planning, land, industry and commerce departments will study the pension agency regulatory measures. The pre leased link are misleading is illegal according to the Beijing Daily reporter found that access to relevant information, had the name of membership sales edge ball "Yu Xishan Xishan" project construction units for the elderly apartment (the unit is a nonprofit pension services Beijing Social Welfare Association invested), the project is located in the village of Dahuichang waste the stone factory Fengtai District xindianzhen, East and West, south of Kitamiya national Forest Park. The project uses for the land certificate carrying medical and public health charity land (pension facilities), made way for the agreement to sell, sold for 50 years. Currently, the main body of the project has been capped, ongoing internal decoration, plans to be completed by the end of this year trial operation. Beijing Daily reporter survey found previously, the project name for pension institutions nonprofit, advertise the sales price of 20 thousand yuan per square meter, the purchase is only 50 years of membership, suspected of illegal sale or misleading sales. A survey from a number of departments showed that Xishan pension apartment in terms of land use approval, People’s Republic of China made "construction land ratification" in July 2011 (Beijing land [built] word (2011) No. 147); in January 2013 made the "contract of transferring state-owned land use right" (Beijing to word ([good] 2013) Article No. 0027, Beijing a [good] word (2013) No. 0028); in March 2013, made the "state-owned land use certificate" (Feng in section 00037 (out of 2013), Jingfeng (out of 2013) in the No. 00038), lease agreement transferring, land use () for medical and public health charity land (pension facilities). Agreed in the contract to sell the land for the project only as a nursing home, nursing home facilities, will be allowed to change the planning and land use, without approval shall not be transferred or sold; in the approval process of engineering construction, the construction stage, December 2011 to obtain the "construction planning permit" (2011 gauge (Feng) No. 0126 building 2011 gauge (Feng) built No. 0128); December 2013, January 2014 made "building construction permit" ([2013] Construction No. 0841 [2014]). Against exposure相关的主题文章: